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How to use the windowsill in the kitchen (65 photos)

How to use a window sill in the kitchen

Most people do not use window sills at all. Maximum of them can be placed indoor plants, figurines, souvenirs, stacks of newspapers or magazines. However, the area of ​​window sills can be used more efficiently. Using the windowsill in the kitchen correctly can save some precious floor space. This solution is especially relevant for a kitchen with a small area.

There are several ideas that will help turn a regular window sill in the kitchen into a multifunctional, usable area.

Additional worktop on the windowsill

The most common way to use windowsill in the kitchen is to organize an additional workplace. To do this, it is enough to just install an additional countertop for the entire length of the window sill. If you try a little, then on the windowsill, in addition to the countertops, you can even install a sink. For the manufacture of countertops, the best materials are granite or marble. These materials are able to withstand high humidity and significant temperature changes. A countertop made of natural stone will not change its shape over time, will not dry out and will not swell. The stone countertop is resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, this countertop has a beautiful appearance that will make the interior of the kitchen more refined.

Sill bar

For those who have long dreamed of their own bar counter in the kitchen, but because of the size of the room it was not possible to install this element of interior, the windowsill may be the best solution. It is necessary to place a countertop on the windowsill and put several bar stools near the windowsill racks. Thus, an additional resting place will appear in the house, where in the morning you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee, or spend a romantic evening with a glass of wine.

Windowsill as a dining table

The area of ​​the windowsill can be used not only as a bar, but also as a small dining table. Of course, at such a table a noisy company of relatives, relatives and friends will not be able to gather, but there will be enough space for one or two people. For the table, you need a countertop that will protrude slightly beyond the walls. This is necessary so that sitting at the table, legs do not rest against the wall.

Another original version of the organization of the table from the windowsill is the table top of the dining table, which smoothly passes into the table top on the windowsill. This design window sill will increase the number of seats at the table.

Garden window sill

Recently, more and more often on the windowsills of apartments you can see not decorative plants, but flower pots in which various spices and edible plants grow. Why spend money and free time on buying greens if you can grow greens yourself? Indeed, in order to grow edible plants you need only a few flower pots with soil, plant seeds, regular watering, and after a short period of time you can be glad about the results of the work done.

Windowsill as a storage system

In a small kitchen, the same problem always arises, the lack of space for storing all the necessary things. After all, in the kitchen you need to place not only a large number of dishes, various household appliances, but also all the necessary food products. An additional storage area can be equipped under the windowsill. Unless, of course, the heating battery is located there, then an additional cabinet can be installed under the windowsill, the height of which is determined by the height of the windowsill. It is better if such a cabinet is made in one color scheme and in the same stylistic direction with a kitchen set. You can also place a washing machine or dishwasher under the windowsill.

Window sill

For spacious kitchens, the best option for designing a window sill in the form of a bench. In order to make a bench, it is necessary to take into account the height of the window sill. A suitable bench height is approximately 45cm. To make the bench stable enough, use a wooden seat. To make the stay on the bench safe, windows should be fitted with grilles that emphasize the stylistic design of the kitchen.

There are a lot of options for decorating the windowsill in the kitchen and realizing any of the above ideas, you can make the room interesting and original.

Ideas for using a window sill in a kitchen

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