DIY soft pillow toy

Please the child with a homemade soft toy. If you look closely at her, then you can easily recognize one of the heroines of the animated series "Adventure Time with Finn and Jake" - the Princess of the Pimply Kingdom.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

  1. Needles
  2. Knitting needles
  3. Markers that can be easily erased
  4. Paper
  5. Violet fabric of several types
  6. Yellow and black fabric
  7. Dark Floss Thread
  8. Filling

Step 2: Stitches

Before starting work, it is best to practice on separate pieces of fabric.

Insert the thread into the needle, and tie the ends into a double knot.

Focusing on the pictures, we seam along the contours, backing a small distance from the edges. Double stitch technique can be used for greater reliability.

From the outside, it is better to use a sliding loop or an invisible seam. Sew 2 pieces of fabric in a similar way, stitching from the inside (see pictures).

Step 3: Getting Started

We decide what size the toy will be (ours - 30 cm by 22 cm). We draw a template on a cardboard and cut it out.

Impose the template on the purple fabric and circle it with a marker. We cut out the fabric, but not along the contours, but, leaving it a little more in reserve (see the last figure), and make a copy of it. We need 2 sides for the toy.

Step 4: Torso

We knit both sides of the fabric with knitting needles. And now we already sew (by machine or manually) along the drawn contours. Leave a small open space without stitches on top.

Turn inside out (see Fig. 5) through the left opening. We smooth out all the bumps and try to give the shape of the toy a presentable look.

Once finished with the torso, fill the toy with soft material through the open top.

Step 5: Face

We cut separately an asterisk on a yellow fabric. We make cuts in the inner corners of the star. With knitting needles we attach it to the upper part of the body and impose an invisible seam (we sew it not along the edges, but just below the borders).

Cut the rounds out of black fabric (you can use coins as a template) for the eyes of the Princess. Sew them in the same way as the asterisk.

We create a mouth from an oval. Use a sliding loop when stitching.

Step 6: Details

The contour for the mouth and eyebrows is done with dark threads for the floss, using the back needle stitch (or the back stitch).

Step 7: Done!

So we created a friend of Finn and Jake. You can take for the rest of the characters in the series.

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