Making windows in the children's room: the rules of good design

The bedroom is a small child’s castle. All his treasures are kept here - books, toys, clothes. Therefore, you need to take care of comfort and comfort for the baby. Making a window in the nursery is an interesting and uncomplicated process. An adult child may well help with ideas and the creation of small elements.

Safety is most important

The first step to decorating the window is a security check. This element of the room must meet the following criteria:

  • High windowsill. A child should not easily reach him - it threatens to cause injuries.
  • Lock Handles that close and open windows should be replaced with universal ones for special ones - with the possibility of blocking.
  • Finish It is necessary to work out all the cracks and cracks. This will protect the room from dust and drafts.
  • Ventilation. There is the possibility of installing an automatic valve. He will be responsible for the constant airing of the room.
  • Cornice. It must hold tight, because children love to pull the curtains, which can lead to a fall in the structure and injury to the child.
  • Film. Another degree of protection - the film sticker on the glass. This will protect the baby if the window is broken - all the pieces will remain on a special coating and will not fly apart.

On video: how to pick up curtains in the nursery.

Types of curtains for decorating

A universal and classic technique is the use of two cuts of fabric with the same parameters and color. They are placed on both sides of the window. But this design will not surprise anyone.

For those who want to experiment with the design of the window in the nursery, more bold options will do:

  • Eyelet Curtains - differ in large dimensions and direct folds. Textiles must be dense and made from natural materials.

  • Roman - they are placed on the sash. The curtain is made from different textiles, which allows you to adjust the flow of light into the room. Adjustable curtain with a cord. This is very convenient when the baby is in the house, because he will not reach him. But an older child can cope with a simple system.

  • Rolled - provide a dense coating and opacity. On such a canvas is easy to create an interesting decor.

  • "Day Night" - the design allows you to change the degree of illumination of the room. This is achieved by transparent and opaque strips of the structure.

  • Portieres - long curtains of thick fabric. They are usually combined with roller blinds. Since the latter provide protection from light, the former play the role of decoration.

It is not recommended to use two types of curtains:

  • Vertical blinds - due to the fragility of the structure and material.
  • Japanese curtains - also traumatic for the child. If he decides to hang on them, they will surely fall.

How to choose the color of the curtains

Window decoration with the help of curtains implies the correct selection of colors. There are several techniques that are easy to implement in the nursery:

  • Brightness. Since the room is for a child, it should be fun and give the kid a boost of energy. Curtains for such premises should pick up bright green, blue and purple colors.

  • Ease. For a quieter and lighter atmosphere, translucent fabrics will do. As for shades, the appropriate light and neutral.

  • Matching style. To maintain the overall style, the overall color orientation should be repeated. Even when creating contrasts it is worth repeating the tone of the curtains in small elements of the decor.

If playing with shades is simple, then patterns and ornaments should be chosen more deliberately. To do this, you can follow these tips:

  • The theme of nature complement the curtains with a floral print. At the same time, textiles should be light and airy, preferably from natural materials.

  • Print curtains in the style of a fairy tale will help print photos on canvas. They place cartoon characters.

  • Curtains on the curtains are used very often. For long curtains, vertical lines are acceptable, for roller and Roman blinds - horizontal. Colors are combined in random order. After all, spoil this technique is difficult.

  • A country-style room is decorated with checkered pattern curtains. But this option is valid for large rooms, because This canvas visually reduces the size.

  • You can decorate curtains with the help of plant patterns, heraldry and geometric figures. It is necessary to combine these elements with the decoration of another decor. As an example, with a bedspread on a bed, on a pouf or carpet.

  • Sea theme is beaten with the help of plain textiles or two-color striped canvases. Complement the atmosphere of the rope, which surround each curtain. Another option is to hang a mesh curtain.

The main requirement for the color of textiles when finishing windows is its compatibility with the rest of the interior.

Decorating a room with two windows

Standard apartments and houses have just one window. Therefore, two openings are a luxury. But it will be more difficult to create a decor for two windows. Initially important is the location of these elements. The nursery should be divided into several zones, then the windows will house an educational area and a zone for games. Both sites will be well lit.

The study space by the window can be filled with bookshelves. As the curtains fit roll or Roman. It is important to arrange easy access to the window sill, since dust will accumulate there and will need to be removed.

It is recommended to replace the window sill with a built-in table that captures the window space.

In the playing area, you can complement the strict and practical curtains with long curtains to match. They are allowed to place decorative items. Indeed, in this area, they are relevant and do not distract the child from affairs. The place under the window is recommended to take under the locker for toys. This section of the wall is rarely used and often remains empty.

The decor of the windows in the nursery should be carried out with the child. He will tell you how to choose the color of the material and the design of the curtains. Also on the Internet is full of photos of children's interiors. This is a great opportunity to base on a ready-made idea, while saving your time.

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