Combining 2 types of wallpaper in the bedroom (+40 photos)

The interior of the bedroom, many associate with a calm, perhaps even a boring design. In most cases during repairs it is necessary to deal with a small room. where you need to place only the most necessary elements of furniture. The interior of the bedroom with two types of wallpaper brings a new feeling of comfort to the familiar walls.

Mandatory condition - the walls of unobtrusive tones, they will not be annoying and will provide the optimal atmosphere for rest.

Because the interior of bedrooms is rarely interesting and original. But what to do if you want to diversify the room in which you have to spend a lot of time? How to make the design original and at the same time acceptable for a relaxing pastime?

Will help the options with the combined wallpaper. This is a convenient solution that allows you to save money and materials when creating an original and fresh interior. This option is relevant for other rooms, such as living room, kitchen and hallway. So why not use it during repairs in the bedroom? Further tips will be provided that will allow to realize the dream of a fashionable and stylish bedroom design using a combination of two wallpaper options.

Choose the type of material

The building materials market offers a huge variety of options. Eyes scatter when viewing products and catalogs. Especially - if you need to choose options with two types of wallpaper. It is necessary to take into account not only the combination of colors, but the type of material.

Consider the following factors:

  • performance characteristics;
  • environmental friendliness.

Bedroom - a room in which there is practically no influence of adverse factors, such as elevated levels of humidity, temperature differences, mechanical effects on the surface of the walls and unpleasant odors. Wallpaper will not get dirty. Because the walls here can be trimmed with almost any material. It is necessary to take into account how often you are going to make repairs in the bedroom.

Sustainability materials need to pay special attention. In the bedroom we sleep, which means it is a closed room in which a significant amount of time is spent. Toxic materials that emit harmful substances into the air are simply unacceptable here.

In the bedroom, you can safely use non-woven, paper and fabric wallpaper. With liquid and vinyl, liquid wallpaper and wall wallpaper you need to be careful. Non-woven materials will be ideal if you want to preserve the freshness of the repair for a long time, they can be, they will not fade with time. If desired, they can be periodically repainted, which will reduce the cost of the next repair. They are perfect for a children's bedroom, as enough wear-resistant. You can glue them if there are animals in the house.

For paper and fabric wallpaper will need some care. But they are the most environmentally friendly. Moreover, in the modern market, even paper versions of wallpaper can look quite attractive. And they have a reasonable price.

Is it possible to combine wallpaper of two different types

Can and should be. Different texture and appearance of the wall are welcome. Such decisions open wide edges for imagination and creativity. But the combination of wallpaper in the bedroom should be fully thought out.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing, it is better to use wallpaper samples, and putting them to each other to determine how well they will be combined. In order to successfully select options for two different types of wallpaper, you should consider the thickness of the material and different parameters of the rolls. You need to think about how you will mask the joints.

If you are afraid to experiment in this way, the combination of wallpaper from one collection will not allow you to make the wrong choice.

Textile wallpaper look the most aesthetically pleasing, original and noble. But if you are going to combine them with wallpaper of other species, this is not so easy to do. First, they are very thin, which is not always possible to hide at the joints. Secondly, it will take a long time to pick up other materials in shades and style.

A color scheme

Before you begin to combine the two types of wallpaper, creating a unique bedroom design, tedious to choose the basic color scheme in the bedroom.

Here are some tips to help determine the choice of colors for the walls of the bedroom:

  • Would you like to add a little passion to the interior of the matrimonial bedroom? Then do not interfere with orange, pink, red elements. The main thing - do not overdo it. Do not make these colors the basis of the design of the walls.
  • What are the functions of the bedroom. The room is designed for a quiet, relaxing pastime - choose calm, warm colors. For example - beige, ivory, white, light brown.
  • Is there a working area in the bedroom (study, desk)? It is blue, blue, gray and green.
  • Do you like more evening or morning? If the evening - make out the bedroom in this style. The combination of colors - dark blue, deep blue, sunset color, purple, dark brown. You are inspired by the morning hours - then choose yellow, orange, pink, bright coral and lime.

Combining wallpaper in the bedroom should be carefully considered. It can be a combination of monophonic materials. But the combination of wallpaper without a picture, say, of a blue color, and with the same background, but only with a picture, looks more impressive.

What color combinations are not desirable in the bedroom

Want to create a really stylish interior? Then do not make common mistakes. The design should be thought out to the smallest detail, and in the bedroom should be avoided bad combinations of colors in the wallpaper.

You need to avoid the following combinations:

  1. Warm colors should be carefully combined with cold, if they are far from each other in the rainbow palette. For example - purple and green, red and blue.
  2. The colors are different in style - we try to avoid such combinations. This is a noble brown and neon yellow, steel and pink.

But of all the rules there are exceptions. If you have found the optimal combination of colors, and you like it, then we use it. The main thing is that the design was harmonious, and nothing, if somewhat bold.

Win-win options

Is it difficult to find the right combination of two colors? Are you afraid to spoil the whole bedroom interior with a bad choice? Then it should be pasted wallpaper, different from the general background, niches, protrusions and partitions. Of course, for this you will need to work on the planning of the room and the creation of these very niches and partitions. But the interior will look original and fresh.

The construction of the protrusions of drywall will be inexpensive, and perform them quite simple. At the same time they will help to visually adjust the parameters of the room. Thus, you can arrange the headboard or work area.

Wall mural - option that can also be combined with plain wallpaper. If they are present in the bedroom, they should be selected in color and style to the main background of the walls. By the way, the seascape will be well combined with the wallpaper of the color of sea wave or sand background. You can experiment with textures.

Combining different textures

Well-chosen shades and textures in any case will create a stylish bedroom interior. The main thing is to choose the right options. This may be a single shade of wallpaper. The main wall covering is smooth. On one of them may be textured surface.

Textured wallpaper is not necessary to glue the entire wall. enough - the plot in the center. It is desirable if this will be part of the wall at the head of the bed.

Do not glue the walls of wallpaper of different textures, if it is - two types of surfaces with different relief. And if you combine such options, it should be done carefully, after consulting with a specialist. You can not use wallpaper with the same embossed surface, but in different colors. The interior will look somewhat provincial.

The classic option is to wrap the area at the head of the bed with a material that differs in texture from the basic background. This design will focus on this particular bedroom area.

How to disguise the disadvantages of the room

Bedroom design almost always depends on the size and shape of the room. But you can choose the right wallpaper, a good combination of which will disguise or smooth out unwanted bedroom shapes or some nuances that prevent you from creating the perfect interior.

If the bedroom has a rectangular, too elongated shape, its parameters can be aligned by combining two tones of wallpaper. This will help the combination of dark and lighter shades. Sticking dark walls on wide walls. It does not have to be too dark shades. But on the other hand, we glue the narrow walls at the ends with a material one or two tones lighter. This combination will make the interior more elegant, and the room - cozy.

Need to create a perfect design in a square room? It will help the combination of two types of wallpaper on the walls located opposite each other. On the other two walls should be the same monochrome wallpaper.

In the center of the walls with different wallpapers, we select zones with vertical wide stripes. This design will make the interior of the bedroom refined, and the room itself - more spacious.

The design, made with wallpapering the ceiling, is back in fashion. Such solutions are implemented through the use of new finishing materials. It can be liquid wallpaper, matched to the main background of the walls.

Non-woven wallpaper look on the ceiling is not worse than expensive types of plaster. In addition, over time, they can be repainted to refresh the repair.

Do not forget to use decorative elements: baguettes, wallpaper ribbons, border. They will help to hide the existing defects in pasting the material, and also make the design more harmonious.

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