The nuances of the selection of laminate to the color of the wallpaper: the successful combination of colors

At the end of the repair the owner wants to get a stylish and comfortable accommodation. But, unfortunately, not everyone gets the desired result. A frequent reason for this is the wrong color design of the room. First of all it concerns the combination of colors of finishing materials. It is especially important to know how to choose a laminate to match the color of the wallpaper. Of course, sometimes it is better to entrust such work to professionals. Selected laminate and walls should be organically combined.

Features color selection

Before choosing a laminate, you should decide on its functionality. The fact is that with the help of color you can increase or decrease the room, create a warm or cool atmosphere. How to choose the wallpaper under the laminate, taking into account the characteristics of the room?

To visually enlarge the room, it is worth using light wallpaper and dark laminate. Thus, the floor will have a noble and solid appearance that will give the walls lightness. In such a room is better to use light furniture. Its contours will stand out clearly on the dark floor.

To visually reduce the space, a combination of dark walls and a light floor is used. Often this combination of finishing coatings allows you to adjust the shape of a long room. If, on the contrary, it is necessary to extend it, then the light floor and walls will be the best solution.

It should be noted that the tone of the wallpaper and flooring should be slightly different, otherwise it will create a box effect.

Practical finish

When choosing the floor and wallpaper is worth considering the practicality of finishing coatings. If the windows face the sunny side, then the floor lighting will be maximized. In such cases it is worth refusing use of a laminate of dark shades. Otherwise, the floor will look dusty. This will greatly complicate the cleaning of the room.

Also, dark floors should not be used in rooms where there is very little natural lighting. Here the installation of such a laminate will create a dark and boring atmosphere.

Among consumers, white laminate is particularly popular. With its help, create a luxurious floor, which will be the color of the entire room. But, there are cases when it is better to refuse such finishing. If there are animals or small children in the house, then the white floor is not the best solution. The fact is that in such conditions the risk of contamination of the flooring is very high. As a result, the floor will quickly lose its pristine shine. It is better to stop the choice on beige floor material.

When choosing a floor, it is worth considering the directions to which the windows of the room look. If the windows face the north side, then the floor is better to choose light and warm colors. Here you should not use a gray tint, as it will create a feeling of eternal cold. The warm wood texture will create a cozy homely atmosphere.

On the southern sunny side it is better to use a cold palette for decoration. This will create a feeling of lightness and coolness.

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White floor features

Combining finishing materials, it is worth considering that the atmosphere of the room and the style of the interior will depend on it. The main role here is played by the floor and walls. Therefore, they need to be approached very carefully. Especially it concerns the use of white laminate.

Such material will ideally fit into a modern and minimalist style. It is also used for decoration in high-tech style. When laying such flooring it is worth considering that it is very pretentious to the design of the surrounding interior. So, the walls should not be trimmed in white. For the rest, light laminate and wallpaper - the combination is easy enough for perception.

Among the main combinations are the following:

  • In combination with green wallpaper white laminate will be the perfect solution for a rest room. This combination will create a feeling of freshness and peace.

  • Combining white and purple can be used in almost any style.

  • The combination of white and crimson also has some special features. So, if white laminate is used for finishing, its effect can be enhanced with furniture of the same color. Also here it is appropriate to use light stucco and figurines. Otherwise, the design will look unfinished.

  • In a small room, it is best to use a combination of white floor and blue wallpaper. This will create a feeling of weightlessness and lightness.

  • White flooring and red wallpaper create a game of contrasts. Therefore, this combination should be used carefully. It is better to hold such a finish in the kitchen and in the living room. White and red design allows you to visually enlarge the room.

  • The classic option is a yellow and white design. In such rooms will create a feeling of spaciousness and lightness. This style uses a combination of white floor and brown walls.

Do not forget that in homes where there are animals and children, such material will not be the most suitable option. A large load will cause the bright laminate to quickly lose its original appearance.

What is the combination of gray floor

One of the most common options is gray laminate. This neutral and unassuming material can be combined with any shade.

Of course, we should not forget that this option has some features:

  • Carefully combine the gray floor with the green walls. Such a combination can destroy even the most interesting design idea. As a result, the interior can become simple and low-key.

  • Gray laminate blends well with wallpaper, which have yellow patterns. Of course, such decorative elements should be a little.

  • The combination of gray and red looks fashionable and modern. But despite this, the interior design must be approached very carefully. To simplify the perception of the contrast of colors, it is worthwhile to install elements with white or neutral shades in the room.

  • Beige gray laminate wallpaper is often used in a classic style. Also, this combination can be used to decorate a room in a modern style.

  • Gray laminate can also be combined with orange and purple wallpaper. This design of the room will look unusual and spectacular.

Despite the fact that gray laminate is very popular among designers, it should be used very carefully.

Wood laminate

The texture of light wood species is neutral and universal. It can be combined with different colors and used in any interior. The most successful combinations:

  • The combination of wood flooring with black or light walls will give the interior austerity.
  • Wood-yellow design will make the room brighter and more radiant.
  • Wood laminate and brown wallpaper will give the interior austerity and nobility.
  • Laminated mahogany harmoniously looks with green, blue and yellow wallpaper.

In fact, there are quite a few options for combining the colors of the floor and walls. Therefore, you need to select the laminate on the basis of personal preference, and carefully. For example, if in each room to use a different combination, it will visually reduce the area of ​​the house.

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