Combining wallpaper in the kitchen: stylish solutions for a difficult room (+40 photos)

Combined wallpaper for the kitchen are suitable in the case of creating an unusual and unique interior design. With the help of simple combinations, you can take different parts of the room for specific needs: food intake, cooking, storage of dishes or wines. The use of this design method will help to change and improve the shape of the room - to increase the height of the ceilings, expand the space, make the room bright. And the biggest plus of this method is its availability.

How to choose wallpaper

There are many types of wallpapers on the market. But not everyone can be suitable for the kitchen. It is necessary to take into account all the conditions and harmful factors that will daily affect the surface of the coating.

Wallpapers must meet the following requirements:

  • resistance to pollution;
  • ease of cleansing;
  • do not succumb to fading;
  • be temperature resistant;
  • Do not be afraid of moisture.

Consider the most popular types of wallpaper to see which ones fit better:

  • Paper. Their main positive quality is safety. They are environmentally friendly and will not affect the health of people in the room. But from the point of view of the kitchen, such coatings should be discarded. After all, paper and fabric surfaces are easily contaminated and can not be cleaned. In the kitchen they will have to be changed frequently, and this is impractical and inconvenient.
  • Vinyl. This view allows you to easily remove dirt. For ordinary suitable wet wipes, and if pokleit washable, then the treatment will be thorough. The only negative factor is that they release polyvinyl chloride - a harmful substance. These wallpapers are not recommended for use in bedrooms. For kitchen vinyl coating is quite appropriate.
  • Flizelinovye. The most suitable option for the kitchen. This wallpaper does not emit harmful substances that are not affected by temperature, moisture and sun. The big advantage is that you can independently change their color.
  • Glass fiber Their peculiarity is their good refractory properties. They also easily tolerate all types of cleaning, even with chemical products. Glass fiber is hard to damage. This is the secret of durability.

Combining wallpaper in the kitchen will turn an ordinary room into an interesting corner with unusual design solutions. So that the quality of repair does not spoil the idea, it is worth choosing the most advantageous coverage and only then begin to implement the idea.

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How not to spoil the interior

For many, the combined wallpaper is a complex and incomprehensible method of interior design. Experienced designers have developed several rules that should be followed in the repair process. After studying them you will not have to think about how to combine wallpaper in the kitchen.

So, for a successful decor you should remember these tricks:

  • When combining several types of coverage it is necessary to respect the identity in terms of quality and price. Then their combination would be appropriate. Otherwise there may be a confrontation between the two canvases.
  • The texture and color of the wallpaper can be different. But in shades and bright elements you need to observe harmony.
  • When pasting surfaces, problems may arise in the form of inconsistencies. It is worth paying attention to the thickness of both rolls and choose the most similar ones.
  • In the same style should be selected and finishing elements. If at least one will be different, the whole combination will collapse.

As for directly combining different colors and ornaments, there are also some secrets here. For example, floral prints look good in combination with wood. Geometric details are best combined with abstract. For bright paintings should be selected neutral pairs - without images or with patterns in a small flower.

Options for combining wallpaper

There are already ready-made ideas for combining wallpaper for the kitchen: accents, dividing the wall, using the horizon, the patchwork method and many others. Based on them, you can create your own design. Consider the most effective methods of wallpaper combination.

Room design

If the room has protrusions, recesses, niches and other unusual solutions in the structure, then it is not necessary to try to hide them. On the contrary, it is better to focus on them. The rule of creating such an interior is the choice of contrasting wallpapers. The main space is filled with a monochromatic coating, and accent sheets are glued on the ledges. How, then, to choose the background color? You can use the same colors as kitchen furniture.

The only thing that should be abandoned, so it is too dark colors. They will "eat" all the cozy atmosphere and make the room repulsive.

Wall accent

To achieve the desired effect, you should select one of the walls with a sharp contrast. It can be color, pattern, ornament. Due to the brightness of such a canvas, the overall atmosphere of the room may collapse. Therefore, you should carefully select the material.

For rooms stretched in length, a bright accent on a short wall is suitable. So you can visually narrow the space and level the volume of the kitchen. In this situation, it is recommended to add accessories to the contrasting wall: a fireplace, photographs, paintings. All this will create a single kitchen design.

We use the horizon

Almost in all styles of interior horizontal combination is acceptable. The main thing is to create the appropriate parameters for dividing the wall. In this situation there is a place for experiment with different surfaces. For example, from different types of wood and cork wallpaper.

There are several design variations:

  • Monochrome upper part of the wall, but the bottom can be made from striped wallpaper.
  • Calm colors on top and multi-colored, floral, painted bottom.
  • It is allowed to combine a small pattern at the bottom and a larger one at the top.

Most often, two types of canvas are used for this combination. In rare cases, it is possible to connect three. In order that everything looked harmoniously, the line of differentiation should be established from a window sill. To distinguish, you can use a special border for wallpaper.

Dividing the wall vertically

This method was designed for rooms with low ceilings. After all, due to the vertical bars they can be easily increased. Designers identify two methods by which you can achieve the desired effect:

1. On one of the walls is a strip of small size. Its color should be saturated. But on the wall opposite it is necessary to stick several strips of different thickness. Thus, asymmetry can be achieved and, accordingly, dynamics can be added to the interior.

2. Symmetry in dividing a room is also a common solution. For this you need to focus on the difference and contrast of wallpaper tones. In this case, all the bands that will be pasted on the wall should be the same size.

Vertical division allows you to play with different shades. Indeed, in the process of selecting the desired solution, you can combine dark colors with light ones. This will add extra room.

Patchwork technique

This technique can be called the use of patches. Today it is a very popular way of interior decoration. The confusion in the selection of "patches" and the mixing of parts of different styles is the main feature of this decor method.

Patchwork technique not only visually looks very good, but is a practical option for any room, in terms of economy. To create a room fit different balances from the rolls of wallpaper. However, this method of decorating has a big minus - the difficulty of correctly combining different parts of the wallpaper.

For gluing you can use all types of coatings: non-woven, paper, textiles, liquid wallpaper. The only rule is to observe the balance of all segments.

If bright "patches" are applied, then you need to ensure that they do not attract all the attention to themselves. Mixing different parts should not lead to the creation of a “vinaigrette”. As for the colors, the whole palette is allowed. In the end, you should have a wall in the form of a hand-made blanket.

It is recommended to put the wallpaper sections on the wall with small pieces of scotch tape before sticking. So you can see the whole picture and remove the harmony-breaking parts.

Use of contrasts

One of the win-win options for combining - the creation of contrasts. But in this game with color you should also follow some rules:

  • Universal way. To do this, combine the wallpaper of black, white or gray with bright or dark shades - for a softer effect. But the bright and dull tones with the help of these colors can highlight and emphasize their beauty.

  • Classics of the genre. This is the typical and simplest combination of white and black. This method works to increase the free space if there is enough white color in the room. If black will occupy more space, the effect will be exactly the opposite.

  • Zoning With the help of contrasting division it is possible to determine once and for all a place for eating, storing dishes and preparing food directly.

Create a kitchen interior in a contrasting style is appropriate only in cases where there are prerequisites for this - a small room, the desire to divide the room into zones. In other situations it is better to refer to the rest of the design methods.

Combine the wallpaper of the same color

Combining coatings with one shade is a rather complicated way of combining. Most often for this purpose cloths in one shade, but with difference in drawing are used. Universal reception - to glue one of the walls with wallpaper with a pattern, and on both sides of this element to place a monochromatic coating.

It should be taken into account whether the drawing on the canvases will be vertical or horizontal. It must be of the same direction so that there is no dissonance in the room.

When creating a kitchen design it is necessary to consider all the features of this room. If a combination was chosen as a design solution, you should carefully prepare. After all, this is a rather complicated design technique.

There are many universal ideas for the location of the wallpaper. But to create a unique interior, it is necessary to study all the nuances and think over the combinations in advance, otherwise you may encounter the effect of alyapistosti and vulgarity.

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