Wall mural for a modern kitchen: varieties and tips on choosing

In recent years, the range of photo wallpapers has expanded considerably. If to compare with domestic models, it will be difficult to find similar features. The material is produced according to modern technologies and has a protective layer. Washable wallpapers for the kitchen are a unique material with which you can decorate the room in an original way.

Using photo wallpapers in the kitchen

Photowall-paper on kitchen allow to create a stylish, bright and unusual interior. Of course, many people believe that the use of such materials to decorate the kitchen is inappropriate. This opinion is due to the fact that there is an aggressive microclimate in the room.

Even a modern ventilation system and powerful exhaust can not solve the problem of high humidity and aggressive chemicals. Therefore, the finish is exposed to a negative impact that can compromise its integrity and appearance. The kitchen is constantly present movement. Someone is preparing breakfast, someone decided to drink tea. As a result of such a large functional load, the finishing surfaces are under severe stress.

Do not forget that the kitchen often needs careful cleaning. This means that not only horizontal but also vertical surfaces, including walls, can be cleaned. Various contaminants can settle on them. Given this, the decorative coating should be easy to clean, including wet cleaning. Modern washable photo wallpapers for the kitchen fully meet these requirements.

Varieties of kitchen wallpaper

Photowall-paper in an interior of kitchen allows to create original and beautiful drawing on walls. Wallpapers are multi-layered material. It is this structure that gives the material the following advantages:

  • ease and simplicity in sticking;
  • long service life of the finishing coating;
  • material resistance to ultraviolet rays, high humidity and temperature changes;
  • using the photo wallpaper in the kitchen with a 3d pattern, you can create the original design;
  • preservation of the original appearance over a long period;
  • resistance to cleaning and washing.

When choosing photowall-paper on the wall in the kitchen, it is worth considering that the stronger they are and more reliable, the higher the price for them. But, high-quality materials are the guarantor of a successful finish. If you want to create an original design, it is better to stop the choice on the photo effect with 3d effect for the kitchen.

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Paper wallpaper

The most popular option is paper wallpaper. This is due to the low cost of the material. There is a wide selection of paper-based wallpapers on the market:

  • Classic wallpaper. This is a budget option. The coating, as well as the base, is made of paper. As a result of this wallpaper have low strength. During the operation of the premises, the finish will lose its original shine after a short time. Paper wallpaper can not be cleaned, which significantly reduces their lifespan.

  • Vinyl coating. Vinyl is applied to the paper base with a thin layer. Depending on the method of application, the material may have a smooth or rough structure. The peculiarity of vinyl is that it is able to withstand wear and easily gives in to wet cleaning.

  • Fleece coating. Compared with the previous version, this material is more durable and quality. The image on the non-woven fabric will last much longer. The material presented on the market in a wide range.

  • Fabric cover. The decorative layer is presented in the form of a fabric, such as silk, velor, wool, and others. That it gives the material a certain texture. Drawing is applied over fabric. The lack of wallpaper is that they do not tolerate contact with an aggressive environment.

At the choice of finishing material it is worth considering the place of its use. So, the material of the photo wallpaper for the kitchen, aprons must be resistant to wear.

Non-woven wallpaper

The use of non-woven fabric has revolutionized the world of decorating. Such material greatly facilitated the work of designers and construction teams. As for consumers, they got a great chance to carry out high-quality finishing works.

Advantages of non-woven wallpaper:

  • Ease of sticking. In the process of gluing in the kitchen, wallpapers are not deformed. They do not soak upon contact with glue and do not shrink after drying. Wallpapers have high strength and resistance to tearing. Therefore, the canvases can be easily customized by shifting.
  • Saving time and material consumption. Rolls of non-woven wallpaper have a fairly large width. As a result, the finishing work will take little time. Glue should be applied only on the wall. The exception is the use of dense material.
  • Less time consuming preparation of the wall for sticking. Non-woven wallpaper on the wall for the kitchen are quite large. Because of this, they are able to hide small surface irregularities.
  • Long service life. Washable non-woven wallpaper have high resistance to wear. They are easy to wet clean and can withstand severe loads.

Today the market has a wide selection of non-woven wallpaper. They can also have a vinyl and fabric coating.

With increased strength

These wallpapers are among the most durable and resistant materials. They easily give in to wet cleaning with use of abrasive and chemical aggressive substances. Often they are used in restaurants and cafes. But, if desired, they can be finished and ordinary kitchen.

Wallpapers with increased strength are divided into two types:

  • Wallpaper with PVC coating. The canvas is covered with a thin layer of plastic, which protects the material from high humidity, aggressive substances and wear.

  • Smooth washable wallpaper with laminate. The entire surface of the wallpaper is covered with a protective layer. It protects the material from negative environmental factors, and also allows you to maintain the original appearance of the pattern for a long time.

Such wallpaper is applied only on the prepared wall. They have a smooth structure. The kitchen interior with photo wallpapers will look original and beautiful.

From natural material

Such kitchen finishing materials are made by leading companies. Wall mural is a canvas that is created from potato starch and fiberglass made from quartz sand. As a result of the use of natural raw materials such a finishing material is the most ecological.

The peculiarity of the wallpaper is that they easily tolerate high humidity and high temperatures. An exception is direct contact with water. On the surface of the finish does not form a fungus, and bacteria do not accumulate. The coating has antistatic properties, which prevents the accumulation of dust on it. Thanks to these advantages, the walls are easy to clean and wet cleaning.

Washable modern wallpapers based on natural raw materials do not shrink or stretch. This greatly simplifies the installation of the finishing material and increases its service life. After installation, the drawing has the original appearance, and no cracks or stretch marks are formed on the surface. The surface has high strength, which allows the use of abrasive and chemical cleaners.

How is the image applied

Since the wallpaper is used to finish the kitchen, the drawing should have high strength and resist various loads. For its application use special paints:

  • With UV rejection. Such paints dry under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Possess high moisture resistance and resistance to attrition. Therefore, the surface can be easily moistened. Of course, such a material can have an unpleasant smell. Some models are generally toxic, which excludes the possibility of using them for finishing the kitchen and residential premises.
  • Latex paints. Drawing drawing is carried out by means of the special equipment. It creates a durable layer that can withstand any load. The peculiarity of such paints is that they are odorless and completely harmless. Thanks to this material can be used to finish the kitchen.

If desired, 3D wallpaper for the kitchen with a pattern can be made to order. Of course, it is best to entrust this work to professionals.

Professional Tips

  • In the kitchen, modern wallpapers are often used as the main decorative element. Therefore, professionals recommend gluing them to a free wall. It can be frescoes for the kitchen. But it should be borne in mind that the use of a large amount of such finishing material can make the interior congested.

  • In the interior of the kitchen with photo wallpapers, it is better to use furniture and decorative elements of the relevant subject.

  • Wall mural in a small kitchen should have an image of the landscape with a view from the window. A good option would be wallpaper with a 3D pattern for the kitchen. They will visually expand the space.

  • For a spacious room an effective solution will be a symmetrical placement of paintings. Such techniques, expanding the space, can be used in a small kitchen.

By adhering to these tips, you can create an original kitchen design with photo wallpapers, make the room visually more spacious. Also wallpaper with the image of the landscape can positively affect the mental state of a person.

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