Wallpaper with a picture for a large and small bedroom

A bedroom is a place where people spend a lot of time. It is very important that the interior of such a room is cozy, comfortable and to help you really recharge your batteries. For the bedroom, it is better to select environmentally friendly materials that can last for a long time, and keep a good appearance. These qualities of photowall-paper which are a popular wall covering combine in themselves. Manufacturers offer a huge selection of options that will fit into any style of interiors, replace the wallpaper for a small bedroom or drastically change the look of a spacious room.

Essential plus of photowall-paper in a bedroom - small expenses of finance and the enclosed efforts. To choose the right wallpaper for the bedroom, you should consider a number of factors, starting with personal preferences.

How to pick up

In the age of modern technology, it is easy to make high-quality wallpapers of any size with high resolution and completely different patterns. As a rule, wallpapers are glued to one of the walls. The main requirements that customers put forward to finishing materials are reliability, safety, practicality and quality. They possess the canvas itself. But this alone is not enough.

To make the room with such wallpaper look harmonious, you need to consider:

  • color combination with floor and ceiling decoration, with wallpaper covering other walls;
  • the color range of furniture and decor elements and its correspondence to photo wallpapers;
  • no load of the selected wall for photo wallpaper with large objects in the interior;
  • the number of items in the bedroom: for small, large wallpapers are appropriate; for large ones, limit yourself to medium-sized wallpapers.

Favorably look in the bedroom wallpaper, which differs by several colors from the main color in the interior.

Plot selection

Drawing on the wallpaper mural plays a very important role. Think what you would like to see first thing, opening your eyes, which pictures are able to charge you with positive for the whole day.

If you are at a loss, look at the photos of ready-made designs or choose one of the win-win options:

  • nature with the sea, river or waterfall will bring peace and peace of mind;
  • green meadows will cheer up and add harmony;
  • roses will add to the interior of luxury and special refinement;
  • Images of cities will perfectly fit into modern interior styles;
  • wallpaper with animals will allow you to have a pet in the picture or enjoy the wildlife society;
  • abstract images will make the interior fashionable and modern;
  • wallpaper with the image of cartoon characters can decorate the children's bedroom;
  • night city or space image suitable for youth bedrooms;
  • 3D drawings will add realism to your cozy sleeping world.

If you like any picture, immediately represent it in the bedroom. Think about how it will look better: on the whole wall, in the form of a modular picture or a panel. Consider the size of the room, wallpaper for a small bedroom should not be overloaded with a pattern.

Photowall-paper with natural landscapes are combined practically with all styles of an interior.

Color spectrum

Selecting colors for photo wallpaper should, first of all, based on personal tastes. But each color carries a special charge and is able to influence a person in a certain way.

What colors to choose:

  • green has always been the epitome of serenity and harmony. You should definitely look at people with hard work and those who are very tired. Moreover, green can be embodied not only in natural paintings;
  • blue surface gives the flight of fantasy and dreams. Landscapes with the sea or the sky or their combination always fascinate and uplift the mood;
  • black and white images will give a true aesthetic pleasure. They will successfully fit into a classic style that never goes out of fashion;
  • pastel colors do not carry any tension, therefore they are best suited for bedrooms;
  • delicate shades of colors will add light and comfort to the bedroom, you can enjoy such wallpaper forever;
  • bright accents on the photo wallpaper will suit cheerful and extraordinary individuals, but they should not be many.

Too motley room does not allow a person to rest and relax properly, she constantly keeps his mind in suspense. Therefore, bright colors should be chosen with extreme caution and as little as possible.

Advantages and disadvantages

Photowall-paper in a bedroom interior bears in itself not only beauty and esthetic pleasure.

They have many other positive qualities:

  • do not harm health due to the natural materials contained in it;
  • they are applied not only on paper, but also on non-woven fabric, vinyl and even fabric, which will allow them to fit into almost any interior;
  • have a coating in the form of a transparent film, which serves as protection against damage and burnout;
  • correctly selected image can visually enlarge or reduce the bedroom;
  • have a long service life of about 15 years;
  • give the opportunity to depict any drawing or photo that you choose;
  • do not require special care, wallpaper, covered with a protective film, can be cleaned;
  • ease of sticking;
  • affordable pricing policy. Everyone will be able to choose wallpaper for the bedroom, which will not hit the wallet;
  • universality in terms of application to any surface.

There are no flaws as such, wallpaper.

There are only a few difficulties:

  • often the selected pattern can quickly get bored;
  • before choosing and sticking photo wallpaper in the bedroom, it is necessary to take accurate measurements that sometimes not everyone can do;
  • difficulties in applying wallpaper too large format.
  • These drawbacks are not significant and can be easily avoided if desired.

Novelty in the form of wallpaper with LEDs can easily solve the problem of the annoying pattern. Technologies allow you to select and change the drawing yourself. However, this pleasure is not cheap.

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