Bamboo wallpapers for nature lovers (+40 photos)

Every year, environmentally friendly materials are gaining increasing popularity, even despite their relatively high cost. The number of people who prefer natural finishes, such as bamboo wallpaper, is growing steadily.

Bamboo in a modern interior

In general, bamboo as the main finishing material is not suitable for every interior. Bamboo roller blinds can be a harmonious addition to the room, decorated in the eastern or ethnic style, but it will be inappropriate to look in a classic interior or in high-tech style. The design of the premises is always made up of parts, and therefore, if you want to use atypical materials, you should decide in advance on the appearance of the room as a whole.

In the process of developing a design project of a room, it is necessary to immediately determine what role wallpaper from bamboo and other elements from this material will play in the future interior.

There may be two options:

  • Bamboo will be used in the interior as a decorative element. In this case, bamboo roller blinds or wallpaper will focus guests on certain areas in the kitchen, in the hallway, hallway or another room. If such an emphasis is not made, then natural materials will merge with the interior and lose all meaning. Bamboo products can complement the look of a sofa or bed with pillows made of this material, and the insert on the wall of the trunks of this tree can give the interior some "zest".
  • Bamboo as the main material in the interior will simplify the perception of space. So, for example, walls pasted over with bamboo wallpaper in a room or a corridor will make the interior cozy, simple and uncomplicated, which creates an atmosphere of naturalness, simplicity and comfort.

Bamboo features

Bamboo can be used not only for decoration of walls and ceilings in the corridor or hallway. This material is perfect for decorating furniture, slopes and other interior items. At the same time, bamboo coating, for example, the same wallpaper, can be glued in order to decorate furniture that needs restoration or replacement.

The items updated with the help of natural materials will perfectly fit into the eastern or tropical interior, becoming its harmonious addition.

Regarding the color palette, it can be noted that natural bamboo has a warm golden hue. However, there are other colors on the market, obtained by heating this natural material. Bamboo wallpaper or rolstora can have a cream, white, brown, peach, copper or olive shade, which significantly expands the space for the implementation of bold design ideas. Moreover, the fibrous structure of coatings opens up new horizons: successively laid bamboo fibers of light and dark colors can create interesting decorative patterns on the walls in the hallway, in the hallway, in the kitchen or in any other room, and the use of modern printing methods allows decorating the interior with stylish and attractive prints.

To glue bamboo wallpaper in the kitchen, in the hallway or in another room, you should use special adhesives. Glue for bamboo wallpaper is distinguished not only by its composition, but also by its consistency. Classical glue bases can be absorbed into the structure of the fibrous material or even leak through it, which will certainly affect the appearance of the coating.

What does bamboo do?

In most cases, bamboo can be called a universal finishing material. It is perfectly combined with natural stone, wood, wallpaper, and even with ordinary paint. At the same time, various combinations of color solutions can give the room the necessary atmosphere: cold shades in combination with bamboo wallpaper will help to create a strict and elegant interior in the hallway, hallway or, for example, to give an atmosphere of coziness to the room, you should glue warm and soft wallpaper shades. An important role in the design of the room plays a combination of bamboo wallpaper and furniture.

For example, a sofa should be upholstered in leather or linen, and wardrobes, tables, chairs and other objects in the interior should be made of wood or other natural materials. Also bamboo is perfectly combined with wicker furniture.

In the interior, where it was decided to glue wallpaper from bamboo, every little thing is important. When creating a design project, one should take into account not only the combination of materials, but also their contrasts, colors, texture and decorative elements. It should be remembered that bamboo implies naturalness of the interior, and therefore it would be advisable to use indoor plants, elements made of natural stone or wood, prints and paintings depicting landscapes or plants.

Bamboo room interior

The use of bamboo wallpaper, curtains and other interior items is appropriate in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the hallway and in general in any room. At the same time, the decoration of the walls, as already noted above, can be both complete and partial. For example, in the interior of the bathroom you can achieve a successful combination of tile and wallpaper made of bamboo, and this natural material itself is perfectly combined with white sanitary ware.

In the wide corridor or living room bamboo will help to create a colonial-style interior.

To do this, it is enough to focus on a large couch upholstered in dark velvet, leather poufs and banquettes, as well as on a wide ceiling cornice, decorated with intricate ornaments. If in the living room, in the kitchen, in the hallway or in the hallway you need to create an atmosphere of lightness and simplicity, then the best option would be to glue the wallpaper in bright colors. Furniture at the same time should be as much as possible wicker. In some cases, a good idea would be to glue bamboo wallpaper on cabinets, dressers, cabinets and other bulky items. You can complete the picture with the help of blinds or rolling curtains of this material.

Bamboo wallpaper can be glued not only in the hallway, but also in the bedroom. This natural environmentally friendly material will help to create an atmosphere of peace, comfort and privacy. And the use of beds with light wooden backs and the same light-colored bedspread would be very useful.

To create some contrast in this room, you can use an open rack or, for example, a decorative chest of drawers of a darker color.

The kitchen can also contain elements of bamboo in its interior. Light and warm shades of golden material will not only give the room an interesting appearance, but also help to create the effect of a visual increase in space.

To diversify the design of this room, you can use bright colors. For example, in the form of prints or kitchen unit modules.

It is important to remember that bamboo is a natural and fibrous material, and therefore special glue for bamboo wallpaper should be used to finish the walls. If you glue the bamboo on the usual composition of the hardware store, the wallpaper will begin to absorb moisture and smells of the kitchen, as well as lose its original appearance due to sudden temperature changes.

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