Nuances in choosing curtains for a teenager boy: expert advice

Many designers believe that curtains are one of the main elements of the interior, with which you can transform the room. That is why their choice should be approached very carefully. Curtains in the room of a teenager boy or girl must meet certain requirements. When choosing it is worth considering the color design, materials and some other factors.

Curtains in the room of a teenager

The adolescent period is characterized by many changes that a child is undergoing. This is the age when a boy moves from a child to a teenager. During this period, the character of the future man is formed. He strives for self-assertion and perfection. Therefore, when you design the room designers recommend to listen to the opinion of a teenager.

All decisions need to be coordinated with him. All his ideas should be implemented as much as possible. In desperate situations, you can ask for help from designers who will help solve any problem. Curtains for the room of a teenager boy perform two main functions: they protect the room from sunlight, and also act as an important element of the interior. With their help, the room can be made more cozy and comfortable.

Do not forget that these textiles must comply with safety regulations. It is this criterion is the main choice.

A teenager's room is a multifunctional room in which a child practices, rests, and meets with his peers. Therefore, the choice of curtains must be approached very carefully. They must protect the seating area from excessive light, and at the same time create optimal lighting for work.

For decoration is often used a combination of different curtains. It may be:

  • lightweight fabric tulle and thick curtains;
  • transparent tulle and blinds;
  • roller blinds, tulle and thick curtains.

When choosing a combination, it is worth considering the location of the room and the level of natural lighting. If the windows overlook the sunny side, then you need to use products that will allow you to dim the sunlight. Otherwise, designers recommend to pay attention to a combination of more airy and transparent fabrics. This will preserve the level of natural lighting.

It is also important to choose the fabric from which the curtains will be made. The material must meet some requirements:

  • naturalness;
  • security;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • ease of cleaning.

Flax, bamboo, cotton and other natural fabrics fully meet these requirements. Also, do not forget that the curtains are an important element of the interior, with which you can make the room more comfortable. They should be optimally combined with other items and finishing materials.

Expert advice

When choosing curtains in the bedroom for a boy should consider the following design tips:

  • For the design of a teenager's room is to use textiles made of durable material. During active games, the child can touch the curtains. If they are made of fragile matter, it will lead to damage and loss of pristine beauty. Products made of thick fabric have high strength and are able to withstand severe loads.

  • The eaves must be reliable and easy to work. The closing and opening system plays an important role. During the day, the adjustment of lighting can be carried out several times. Therefore, curtains should move easily without much effort. A good option would be the grommets. They look noble and allow you to visually enlarge the window. Also cringles easily and simply move along the track.

  • It is worth considering an option using a hard lambrequin. It is selected in tune to the furniture. If the set of curtains can be changed, then the lambrequin remains. When choosing, you should pay attention to the products with the original design, close to the theme of the design. These can be images of a car, a motorcycle, or computer graphics. Designers do not recommend the use of additional decorative elements, such as: ropes, clips and pliers.

  • Roman and roller blinds are optimal for the boy’s room. Such products are very convenient to use and presented on the market in a wide range. With their help, you can easily change the level of illumination of the room. Rolled and Roman blinds have a modern stylish decor. This option will appeal to both the child and parents.

  • Choosing curtains, you should pay attention to their length. The best option would be long curtains. They have an easy-to-read size that is ideal for children of this age.

Compliance with these simple tips will allow you to choose the appropriate version of the curtains for the design of a child’s room for a teenager boy.

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What color to choose

An important selection criterion is the color of the curtains. Designers believe that they should be in harmony with the furniture. This is especially true of the recreation area.

If the window is placed near the bed, the products are selected in accordance with the furniture or bedspread. They should be organically combined with each other.

If the furniture has a warm muted tone, then the curtains are selected with a brighter shade. This will shade the window and look away from the seating area. If the room is bright and eye-catching furniture, the curtains should have a quieter shade. This combination will allow you to create a psychologically comfortable environment for the teenager in the room.

The use of a large number of bright shades will create a serious load on the psyche of the child, which is unacceptable in adolescence. Therefore, to combine the elements of the interior must be very carefully and deliberately.

Particular attention should be paid to the combination of color curtains and wall decoration. Walls and curtains should not merge into one.

It is best to pay attention to the thematic design. Of the popular options is to provide:

  • Sea theme, implying the creation of the ship. Curtains are matched with seascapes. Complement the combination with tulle in the form of a grid. The composition is decorated with various decorative elements, such as an anchor, jellyfish or starfish.

  • Technical topic. The best option will be products with the image of any vehicle: car, motorcycle or others. Due to the large selection on the market, everyone can find a suitable option.

  • Sports theme. Curtains should be made of lightweight fabric and have an image of the corresponding theme.

Room design options are quite a few. For registration of the room where the girl will live, use completely different subjects. The main thing when choosing curtains and other interior elements to consider the opinion of a teenager.

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