Striped curtains - a universal option for any interior.

In each house, the most important thing is to create with the help of the interior a cozy atmosphere and harmony in the sensations of the owners living in this house and visiting guests. Striped curtains - one of the classic design options used in the design of residential premises for several centuries. One of the advantages of such curtains is universality, i.e. the possibility of inscribing in any interior, whether it is a living room, nursery, bedroom or kitchen.

Varieties of stripes

Striped curtains go well with other interior items in the room, and also help to make adjustments to the proportions of the room.

Types of stripes on curtains:

  • Vertical - allows you to visually "raise" the ceiling or lengthen the wall, looks good in a room with a small number of pieces of furniture.

  • Horizontal - "reduces" the height of the ceiling, but at the same time can visually expand the room. Often such a strip is used in a small bedroom or kitchen.

  • Wide strip - suitable for curtains in large rooms (in the living room, dining room).

  • Narrow - It will be needed to mask the flaws and attract attention to themselves in the room, optimally suited for a small room.

  • Contrast or combination - used to divert attention from any thing. For example, a bright contrast between different colors on a curtain hung in a wall niche will hide the door in it.

Curtain strips are used in the design of rooms in the styles of classicism, retro, baroque, and among modern - pop art.

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Selection of curtains for the room

When choosing fabric for strip curtains for a certain room, you need to proceed from some general rules:

1. The choice of shades - the curtains should be in harmony with the interior elements in the room, and therefore the color palette is chosen depending on the style and purpose of the room.

2. The width of the curtains should be 1.5 times the width of the cornice on which they will hang.

3. The length is determined by the height of the eaves with a tolerance of 15-20 cm on the fabric hem.

Color solutions:

  • Light or neutral tones have a calming and relaxing effect on room occupants.
  • Bright contrasts help to give originality (the most common contrast is black and white, which is used in modern styles, will give the room elegant severity, the curtains are red and golden or white, blue and beige, and turquoise and white are also well combined).
  • Warm colors (beige, brown shades) will create a soft atmosphere in the room.
  • The combination of different shades of the same color in curtains is used in modern styles and will give the room an additional effect.
  • Bright contrast stripes are used to accent the room.

Striped curtains in the interior

The strip fits easily into the interior of a room or kitchen, regardless of its functional purpose. But, of course, each room has its own nuances, depending on its size, design style, lighting and other aspects.

In the living room

This is a room where the family spends its free time, where guests come, and therefore its purpose is to create a cozy collective image that will help to form the opinion of the visiting guests about the whole house or apartment.

The purpose of using striped curtains in the living room is to increase the volume and give the room multidimensionality. One of the design techniques: colors in contrasting curtains are chosen so that one matches the color of the walls, and the other with some decorative elements, creating a harmonious blend.

Most often, light curtains with translucent stripes of silk, organza, and linen are bought in the living room, but only in accordance with the style of the room itself. One of the latest innovations offered in textile stores is striped net curtains with translucent lightness and an extraordinary appearance. They look good in the interior of the living room in modern styles.

Often in the living room are used decorative ornaments: fasteners, clips, cornices with carved details, ribbons for curtains or twisted beautiful laces, pelmets or fringe.

In the bedroom

This is a room necessary for rest and sleep, in which a person should be able to relax after a hard day’s work and feel calm. Therefore, when selecting curtains in this room, you need to consider some of the nuances:

  • Curtains are desirable thick, to block access to the sun during the day rest;
  • for favorable rest it is better to choose light colors with narrower stripes;
  • The ideal color solution is pastel, salad or caramel tones with a vertical stripe.

In the children's room

Light and space are important for the room where the child will live, so long curtains with a wide or narrow band of muted colors (pastel colors) are perfect. The material is better to choose natural (flax or cotton), ensuring the safety and health of children. The coloring is chosen taking into account the sex of the child and his age, Roman strip curtains can also be used.

On the kitchen

For kitchen curtains, practicality and aesthetics are important. First, you should choose the fabric itself, which should protect the room from direct sunlight, and therefore curtain fabric is suitable here. It has a good density, does not lose shape when washed and will give the kitchen an attractive look.

The choice of fabric also depends on the size of the kitchen, so for a small room the best option would be short curtains of translucent fabric with bright stripes vertically or horizontally.

It is also necessary to take into account the dimensions of the opening: for a small window, curtains of medium length with thin vertical stripes will be more suitable, which will add air and visual width to the opening.

Roman curtains

Designers usually in the kitchen room are advised to hang rolls or roman curtains, resembling external blinds, but made of natural fabric. When raised, these curtains are collected in soft horizontal folds.

Roman curtains used in the kitchen have several advantages over other types:

  • High quality products, consisting of durable fabric, impregnated with special protective solutions from damage, dust, from the burning pattern in the sun.
  • Longer service life, ease of care (slats are removed, and the fabric is preferably washed by hand, so as not to sat down).
  • Such curtains are made specifically for the size of the window, its length can be adjusted, allowing you to close only part of the window.
  • Roman curtains are highly practical, dust and dirt can be easily removed with a brush or sponge.
  • A variety of colors will help to choose for the interior of the kitchen in a variety of styles.
  • They do not emit noise during the operation of the lifting / lowering mechanism (as opposed to blinds).

Curtains striped in the room, selected in harmony with the interior, will help the room to acquire a dynamic and original attractive look for a long time.

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