Using curtains of light shades - creating harmony in the interior

Curtains of light shades in the interior are associated with freedom, ease and serenity. Depending on which room they are in, they are able to increase or adjust the space, emphasize important details in the interior, add light and celebration.

Light curtains for the bedroom

The use of light colors in the bedroom and living room is preferable in the following cases:

  • If the room has small windows that provide insufficient lighting. In this case, the pastel tones act as amplifiers for the illumination, also visually expanding the edges of the window.
  • If the design is made in pastel colors, it is important to complement it with curtains to match the overall color scheme.
  • For a restful interior, designed for relaxation and pleasant relaxation.
  • For the bedroom of an elderly couple.
  • When the room is made in a style involving the use of light color: classic, shebbi-chic, Scandinavian and other styles.
  • In a small and cramped room with low ceilings, the presence of a light palette will help correct and smooth out many of the shortcomings.
  • If the interior is saturated with bright colors and it needs to be slightly diluted and slightly balanced.

Living room ideas

The living room serves as one of the main rooms of the house, in which the family rests and receives guests. Therefore, its appearance and stylistic design should be perfect. The use of curtains of light shades will allow you to create a refined and comfortable atmosphere with proper comfort.

The living room will harmoniously look bright monophonic curtains of the following shades:

  • Cream, peach and beige will be a wonderful complement, and in combination with dark tulle tulle they will look quite stylish and aristocratic.

  • Green curtains will be a great duet with tulle light olive shade.

  • Nowadays dark curtains in the interior for a couple with tulle of light shades are considered a fashionable solution. This combination is especially important if the living room is designed in black and white.

In the interior of the living room you can safely use light curtains with an ornament. When choosing a picture, the main thing is to preserve the harmony and unity of space. Fashionable and stylish is the presence of strips or small floral pattern. In the large living room, the curtains with volumetric ornament and the selected texture will look very beautiful and luxurious.

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Curtains for the kitchen

The kitchen in the house, as a rule, has a small size. The color range of textiles should depend on the style of the room, which may be as follows:

  • Country Curtains of light colors, usually in pastel stripes, checkered or with bright patterns.

  • Classic. Monochromatic palette or a combination of several colors in a cage or strip.

  • High tech. Cool shades are appropriate here, mostly blue, red and green curtains.

The color scheme for the bright room

When choosing curtains you need to consider the main indicator, namely that the color should like and have to itself. Also it is necessary to select a shade that is most suitable for the design of a particular room. Green curtains have a calming effect and set the mood for tranquility. Mostly used in the living room, but soft shades are suitable for the bedroom, and lime color will be a great addition to the dining room.

Blue curtains have always been popular and do not go out of fashion to this day. The blue shade is soft and has a calming effect, therefore it is an excellent option for the bedroom. To bring more comfort to the room, you can add a few details in bright colors, for example, pillows and other accessories.

Turquoise looks especially rich with a decent frame. Light turquoise textiles look beautiful with exquisite and expensive furniture. Also shades stand out in combination with gilding.

Gray curtains look stylish and create a neutral picture for perception. Perfectly suited to the smoky-dark interior. Color has a certain ambiguity and mystery, gray curtains can soften and even out the effect of other tones.

Blackout-style curtains are a rather bold decision that gives the room restraint and aristocracy. The classic option is suitable for a room with good daylight or artificial light. In this variation it will be advantageous to look chocolate, black and gray curtains of rich shades. We must not forget that light colors visually expand the room, and dark ones, on the contrary, visually reduce space. Skillfully chosen shade is able to transform the interior of any room.

Light wallpaper with a textured pattern will be well complemented with curtains of a light shade, and plain walls will perfectly underline curtains with large and complex patterns.

Dark shades of curtains in the interior

The use of dark color in the interior is becoming increasingly popular, thus emphasizing the elegance and consistency of style. This color scheme in many causes a feeling of despondency and gloominess, but with skillful use of details and the right combination of shades, you can create a truly solemn and sophisticated look.

The use of dark shades is mainly in the following cases:

  • If the room has enough bright lighting, it can be lamps, daylight or multi-level lighting.
  • Dark curtains perfectly complement the light pastel shades of the walls.
  • The severity of the interior can be emphasized by combining with beige and white shades, the colorfulness with rich and bright tones.

Dark curtains in the interior are rather laconic and do not overload the space. When choosing a material you need to focus on the overall design and take into account all the features of decoration. A modern trend in our time is the use of blackout curtains. They are made of dense fabric and absolutely do not transmit light. The texture of such curtains is quite diverse and has a lot of options, so they will fit into any interior, be it classic, retro style, hi-tech - in any case, this option will emphasize all the advantages of design.

With the right choice of fabric, light curtains (blackout style) will perfectly fit into the interior, harmonizing and highlighting important details.

Curtains are a real decoration of the room. When choosing them, you should pay attention to the style of the room, the quality of lighting and other important details with which this accessory should harmonize, complementing the overall picture.

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