How to fit curtains in the interior: create coziness in different rooms (+40 photos)

For many, curtains in the interior do not play a role. And this is a misconception. Such a small accessory can completely change the appearance of the room. Make a room with taste can not only a professional designer, but anyone. You only need to know certain secrets of how to properly fit the curtains in the interior.

Choosing a color

In a wide variety of colors and shades it can be difficult to make a choice. Curtains in a modern interior can be both an independent part, and addition. In any of the options it is necessary to adjust all components of the design to the overall style of the room.

It is worth picking up curtains, leaning on such principles:

  • Under the walls. This method is one of the easiest. The tone of textiles may be the same as that of the walls, but differ slightly in saturation. So, combine brown curtains in the interior with beige wallpaper. It is recommended to use this technique in small rooms. Due to the similarity of colors of curtains and walls, the room can be visually expanded. To implement this idea, suitable companion curtains in the interior of a room with large windows. Also similar colors help to dilute too catchy design.

  • Contrast. You can add brightness to the room by creating the right accents. The easiest way to do this in a room with a single-color design. Red curtains in the interior will be the perfect complement to white walls and furniture. A softer touch will be the purple curtains in the interior of a monochrome room. You can play with colors with the help of small elements. So, it looks good when the pillows repeat the color of the curtains.

  • General style. In this case, textiles should not compete with the main focus of design. If you choose a marine theme, the blue curtains in the interior will be part of the picture. Double-sided curtains should also be made out in similar colors. Fit these curtains for the living room.

  • Neutrality. You can create a relaxed atmosphere with neutral colors. So, white curtains in the interior is an absolutely universal solution. But the use of olive-colored curtains in the interior will help to shift the accents from the window to other areas of the room.

Using these tips, you can quickly determine which colors and styles of curtains are more suitable for each of the premises.

On video: 4 receptions selection of curtains under the wall.

What things to combine

Both light and dark curtains in the interior look better if they overlap with other elements in the room. Most often these are:

  • carpets;
  • upholstered furniture;
  • bedside heads;
  • lampshades;
  • decorative pillows.

How to choose the perfect combination? Purple curtains in the interior can be combined with small pillows. In this case, the material of execution must be different - glossy or matte. Velvet curtains look good in the noir interior. They can be used as curtains for the hall or bedroom.

Blue curtains in the interior can act as an independent part without accompanying accents. To make such a decision look harmonious, it is worth removing all similar tones and shades. It would be inappropriate, for example, a bright purple color. Then this step will be justified.

Curtains for the living room

When selecting curtains for the hall, it is worth being guided by where the windows go. There are two options: to place thick curtains on the windows or to do with light fabrics. Green curtains in the interior of the living room are designed to create a quiet area for recreation. You can refer to different shades - cold, warm. Tones can also vary from dark to light.

Turquoise curtains in the living room interior will help to create a bright atmosphere. The best solution is to use them as an accent.

For monochrome design ideas, gray curtains in the living room interior are the perfect way to keep the overall style. Curtains in this shade can be applied in a rustic, Scandinavian and even in a classic interior. The main factor is the material of the product.

Curtains for the nursery

The interior of the nursery is distinguished by its freshness and light colors in the design. Therefore, it is worth trying to observe the unity of these two factors in all elements of design. Most often, the bedroom is made in the style of Provence.

Curtains in the style of a loft in the interior of the room for a child will miss a lot of light. These curtains are airy and are distinguished by their transparency. They gently blend into the overall style and complement it with some carelessness.

You can use double-sided curtains. They are practical and durable. For a child, a double-sided curtain will be interesting in that you can constantly change its color.

French curtains in the interior of the nursery are used if the style of the room allows it. Of course, this view is more acceptable in the girl's bedroom. These curtains will complement the interior design of the castle of the princess.

Kitchen Options

To the interior of this room the range of possible curtains is smaller than for others. This is explained easily - special conditions in the kitchen. These are constant high temperatures, grease, soot, dirt. If there is a small child in the house, he can easily wipe his hands on the cloth. Despite the fact that chocolate-colored curtains conceal all the flaws well, they are not always appropriate in the kitchen. Therefore, textiles should be easily erased and removed from the windows.

Linen curtains in the interior of the kitchen will be the best idea. This material can be cleaned and not worry about the fact that it will lose color or shape. A big plus of linen curtains in the interior is their environmental friendliness.

The most appropriate style in the case of choosing such textiles - Provence. It involves the creation of rustic comfort.

You can create curtains for Provence style yourself. Sewing curtains does not take much time. Because Provence loves simplicity. Curtains with a floral print in the interior of such a kitchen successfully complement the atmosphere. The main condition - ruffles and frills.

In the kitchen, let's say the design of curtains of these types:

  • Curtain curtain with flowers in the interior of a bright room, it will add a cheerful mood.

  • Rolled curtains in the interior of the kitchen will look beneficial. They allow you to open the window at any time and let in the light, or close it tightly. Practicality is also present - they are easy to remove and wash.

  • French curtains in the interior of such a room - a risky move. Such a curtain creates a luxurious image, but quickly gets dirty.

  • Double-sided curtains tightly close the window, such curtains will be beautiful both from inside the house and outside.

A photo gallery will help you figure out how each view looks, surrounded by other things in the kitchen. As for the Provence style, you can use burlap curtains. For those who do not know how to sew such curtains, there are many master classes. Although tailoring curtains from a similar material is simple. Curtains in the classical sense - is the decoration of the window. In order for them not to spoil the image of the room, the selection of color and material must be deliberate.

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