Curtains for the hallway: types of materials, decor and accommodation options

The corridor is the very first room that all guests of an apartment or house see. Therefore, its appearance will immediately help to learn about the tastes of the owners. Beautiful and elegant curtains in the corridor, well-chosen and fitting into the interior of the room, will help to make a favorable impression on all visitors.

Curtains in the hallway have their advantages:

  • they will completely replace the door to another room, which creates convenience, and the owner can often change such “doors” depending on his mood;
  • translucent curtains on the ceiling will serve as its decoration and give the interior airiness;
  • in the presence of a window in the hallway, decorating it with curtains, the owner will receive a beautiful element of decor, creating home comfort and a favorable atmosphere in the home.

Which curtains to choose

The choice of curtains depends on the presence and location of the window, the overall style of the hall and its size. When selecting curtains in a small room, you must consider some design rules:

  • in a narrow room fit light transparent tulle;
  • for visual expansion of the space, you can use curtains with a horizontal pattern;
  • in a low room it is better to hang textiles with a vertical pattern, which will visually increase the height;
  • it is better to choose curtains without a difficult ornament.

Another variant - curtains for decorating the arched or doorway, which will serve to delimit the space. Most often, this option is used in larger rooms. If the room is in the shade and there is a lack of light, then it is better to use more transparent curtains. When the window goes to the sunny side, then pick up the curtains on the lining so that they do not fade in the sun.

In a large room you can hang canvases of heavy expensive fabric, decorated with patterns. Synthetic models in this case are a more practical option that does not require special care.

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Types of curtains for the hallway

There are several design options for the corridor or hallway:

  • Classic option - Straight fabric, combined with transparent tulle, optionally complemented with accessories.

  • Roman Rolled Curtains - the fabric cloth stretched on a design fastens to the basis of a window. Models with a small elegant pattern will be well combined with wallpaper of the same color in pastel colors. But if the wallpaper is glued in the room with an ornament, then it is better to choose plain curtains.

  • Japanese window panels are a universal option, they harmoniously fit into the room of any style. Fantasy can be shown when selecting the texture and color of the curtains, but it is desirable that they be elevated by 30-40 cm above the floor.

  • French curtains (folds are collected along the entire length) will give the room elegance and solemnity, they are suitable only for spacious hallways.

Decorating the arched opening

In the hallway, instead of doors, arches are often installed, and they can also be decorated with various canvases. Common options are thread models and natural curtains made from bamboo or wooden parts.

Such decorative curtains perform several functions:

  • hiding from the entrance space between the corridor and the room;
  • room decoration;
  • free circulation of fresh air.

For decoration in a classic style fit heavier curtains made of pastel fabric and delicate tones. A curtain, located between the hallway and the front door or another room, will provide an opportunity not only to decorate the room decoratively, but also to delimit the space, and also allow you to hide any defects on the door.

The use of lambrequins in the hallway will complement the curtains, and if they are hung up separately, they will give the room aesthetic completeness.

Curtains in the hallway of a private house

As a rule, in a private house the corridor or hallway has a more spacious area than in a city apartment. Therefore, options for using curtains or curtains for decoration and original design can be many. To make a choice, just look at the Internet photo of curtains in the corridor of a private house.

For a spacious hall in a private country house suitable options for curtains with decorative mounting methods:

  • hinged with an open cornice;
  • on grommets (rings, threaded into the base of the tubular cornice);
  • on ties (ribbons or beautiful bows).

Curtains in the hallway are part of the overall interior of the room, including the harmonious combination of style and the creation of a sense of perfection. Curtains should be combined in color with the overall interior of the room, the best option - light colors.

When selecting curtains in a spacious hallway in a house or a country cottage, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of forming the concept of this room. Modern designers also attach great importance to accessories that can either emphasize the success of the chosen design, or disguise the shortcomings already made.

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