Selection of curtains on a small window: recommendations and styles

In small rooms, small windows are often found. The owners try not only to beautifully arrange the openings, but also at their expense to increase the space of the room. With the right approach, you can pick up the curtains on a small window that will stand out and bring some beauty to the interior.

Curtains preferably selected on the basis of the overall color scheme. It is not recommended to resort to excessively dark and dark tones, as well as very bright. Today there are many types of curtains for small windows., that will help emphasize the window opening and decorate the whole room.

Types of curtains

Kitchen curtains for a small window can be of the following types:

  • Classic. In this case, use pelmet or curtains. In order to expand the window, you can use the eaves, which will be slightly wider than the frame, and lightweight fabric is hung on it - chiffon or tulle. Hanging on top of the curtains with grabs and make pelmet.

  • Roman. Suitable option for a small window. Made of material with antistatic properties, therefore, will be an excellent option for residential premises. For this type of curtains, the purchase of a special cornice is obligatory.

  • French Curtains are fixed on the lifting mechanism. The location may be horizontal or vertical. Have the form of a whole canvas, which is collected in the folds - scallops. Regardless of whether the curtains are lowered or raised, the appearance remains elegant.

  • On the loops. Pretty beautiful and original way to decorate the interior. The loops made of fabric are hung on the eaves.

  • LondonSuch curtains are regulated by cords. The main feature is that the curtains are visually divided into 2 parts. The upper part is flat, and from the middle there are deep folds.

  • Italian They differ from straight lines in that they are draped vertically with folds from the inside and pass through the rings. At the junctions are decorated with ribbons or bows.

  • Curtains in the style of "cafe". They usually have a length of 30-60 cm and are hung both upward and in the middle of the window, with the help of a beam attached to it. The result is that the curtains cover only the bottom of the window. Quite an economical option, since they are a little consumable.

  • Hourglass. Pretty original way. The canvas is stretched from two sides, and in the middle it is assembled and tied with a ribbon, bows or just a cloth.

  • Kisey. It is also called curtain of the threads. A certain airiness does not overload the interior of a small kitchen, but, on the contrary, adds comfort and refinement. This choice will complement any interior and will be perfectly combined with your favorite accessories used to decorate curtains. Thanks to the scattered threads, the kissey can be used in both light and dark tones. (How to make curtains yourself)

Still it is possible to allocate rolled curtains. They will perfectly fit into any interior style, they have a special mechanism, with the help of which they are assembled on top of a roller. You can also control their length. Fastening is possible on a wall or window frame. Rolled curtains come in two forms: blinds and pleated.

The first are plates arranged in a horizontal or vertical position. At the same time, the material and color range can be very diverse. Pleated - this is a pleated fabric, going on top of a special mechanism, forming horizontal folds.

Curtains without a cornice are also a good choice for a small window, as the cornice will not take away part of the room. In this case, metal holders of various shapes are used, on which the curtains are hung. With this option, it is preferable to choose light, transparent fabrics.

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Color spectrum

An important factor is the correct selection of color curtains, which should be in harmony with the overall style of the room. It is better to choose light colors, and the curtain itself should pass sunlight well. Universal shades of curtains on the kitchen on a small window are white, beige, sand and cream. Despite this, you can also create your own color ensembles.

If the choice fell on curtains with a pattern, then the picture should be small or with geometric shapes.

The choice of fabric

For a small window the most suitable will be light and transparent material. It is not recommended to use woolen, velvet and other dense fabrics that make them heavier with their appearance and make the window bulky and overall.

Curtains for small windows in a wooden house are usually selected in the following styles:

  • Russian hut;
  • country music;
  • ethno-northern and southern motives;
  • chalet.

Rustic curtains are mostly made from linen, cotton or cotton fabric. Such curtains do not have to be long; on the contrary, they often prefer shortened versions.

Curtains for a small kitchen

Curtains need to choose, following some recommendations:

  • Predominantly the use of light pastel curtains.
  • Flax, chintz, tulle, and silk are the best material. Very well, if the fabric will be treated with a special substance that protects from dirt and dust.
  • For curtains that are near the slab, it is better to choose natural fabrics that do not catch fire if they are inadvertently in contact with fire.
  • In order for the light to enter the kitchen in sufficient quantity, the priority is a short curtain that transmits the sun's rays.
  • If the wallpaper in the kitchen with a picture, the curtain should be solid and vice versa.
  • With the help of the ceiling eaves, you can visually add a couple of centimeters to the height of the ceiling.
  • To expand the space in the kitchen, the eaves must be 1.5 times longer than the kitchen window.

The exception will be a small kitchen, combined with a balcony. In this embodiment, the window and the balcony opening can be arranged with the help of long curtains. Curtains for a country house with small windows can be decorated with peas, a cage, small flowers. Also actual will be the presence of green grass, turquoise and brown shades.

White or beige curtains that are perfectly suited to any style of kitchen interior are considered to be a win-win.

The advantages of short curtains:

  • kitchen refinement, while the window sill remains open and multifunctional;
  • even when drawn, the curtains do not hinder access to the window sill;
  • shortened version visually makes the kitchen more spacious;
  • ease and simplicity in leaving.

For the design of small windows you need to know the techniques that help to visually increase the space with the help of style, color and length of products, as well as to combine everything correctly. As a result, even a small room will be very cozy and comfortable.

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