Eyelet Curtains with Tulle: Types, Care Recommendations

On them, examples of decorating windows look elegant. However, the decor is a serious creative work. It requires certain knowledge and skills. As for the design of curtains on the grommet with tulle, photos of which are so inspiring to update the interior, here you should also pay attention to the selection of accessories.

The diameter of the decorative rings should be one and a half times the diameter of the cornice. Using too large fixings will cause curtains to hang unevenly.

In interior design plays an important role window decoration with the following types of tulle:

  • organza;
  • veil;
  • grid;
  • kisja.

Among the types of curtains, tulle on the grommet is the brightest and most stylish. The design feature of curtains is a wavy effect. In order to achieve it when installing curtains on the ring-grommets, you need to consider the size of the holes and the density of the material.

Curtains in the hall

The design of the curtains with the grommets landing gives the product a bright and stylish design that adorns the design of the hall. Tulle is popular and fashionable at all times.

Similar products have the following properties:

  • translucency;
  • loose weave;
  • ease;
  • plasticity.

Products on the ring-grommets are in the upper part of the cringing tape - a functional and decorative part of the curtains. Tulle on grommets thanks to her looks neater. You can make an accent by making a tape of a denser fabric, in tune with one of the colors present in the interior of the room. And to create an original detail of the decor - installing double curtains on the grommets. They can decorate not only the hall, but also the bedroom, kitchen, living room, the design of such curtains is versatile in design.

The curtains of tulle on the grommet look great on any mount. To pick up, nevertheless, rings should be plastic, in tone of fabric. It is better not to experiment with the form, but to give preference to the traditional roundish version. A hall is a room in which there should be no flashy elements. The presence of overly creative forms of textiles is not welcome.

For kitchen

The design of the curtains on the grommet fit to the decor of the kitchen, because there is no limit to the imagination. The decor can be sustained in any style.

But when arranging the kitchen, one should not forget about the obligatory qualities of this room:

  • comfort;
  • comfort;
  • practicality.

Nothing can create so much peace in the kitchen as the curtains on the grommet. A thin lightweight and almost weightless curtain looks great, but in reality the most practical option for this room is the grid. One of the components of a practical composition in design is the curtain on the grommet. If the kitchen is made in the style of "country", you should purchase accessories for wood curtains. Curtains on the rings, imitating wood, can not be better combined with a rustic style.

Fashionable and popular design direction is minimalism. The main features of this style - accuracy, simplicity, clarity - are visible even to a non-professional. The curtains on the grommets in the minimalist kitchen are a model of style and give the atmosphere a certain rigor and clarity of composition.

The most practical parts are stainless steel. They are durable and do not tend to corrode. Their only drawback is the cost.

On sale today there are unusual shapes and colors of fasteners. Thinking through all the details of the interior of the kitchen (including the curtains of tulle on the grommet), you can choose fasteners related to a specific subject: in the form of fruits, vegetables, flowers. A more appropriate type of fabric in this case is a muslin.

Curtain design on the grommet

For a bedroom, nursery, living room or bathroom, the principle of selection of accessories and material is the same - you should follow the chosen direction in the design. In design, the curtains on the grommets are a special detail when it comes to the bedroom. Here the windows should be decorated with soft cloth not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also practical. Curtains for the bedroom, fastened with eyelets, are performed in different styles. There are really no restrictions on the choice of colors and fabrics. Products made of organza, which, it would seem, are better fixed with the old proven method, despite their transparency and weightlessness, are also perfectly attached to the rings. The tape, in this case, is made of taffeta.

The thinner the material, the easier the grommets should be. For organza and other types of tulle - plastic fittings are more suitable.

Care and laundry

It is not recommended to wash curtains with eyelets, both from organza and from muslin, in the car. After the installation of these fashionable curtains, about the further care of them, perhaps, every hostess will think. But, as you know, it is desirable to wash any of the varieties of tulle by hand.

Tulle on decorative rings should be washed and cleaned as follows:

  • clean the cloth from dust using a hairdryer;
  • remove the curtain from the eaves;
  • soak by adding vinegar to the water;
  • an hour later, drain the water and pour a new solution containing baking soda;
  • Handwash only;
  • products that include cotton or polyester can be machine washed.

Curtains on the rings in the bathroom

Curtains with eyelets - indispensable detail for the bathroom. It was here that they appeared for the first time.

For the bathroom, such curtains are made of a special waterproof material.

In this room they have a practical function. Although the interior of the bathroom curtains can be a stylish element of decor, and grommets will enhance the impression. The design of curtains plays an important role in the design of any room. They create a stylish accent and are appropriate in any interior.

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