Sparkling creative bead curtains (+50 photos)

For the decoration of windows and the creation of interior partitions there are so many alternative options. But one wants something unusual and practical at the same time. Bead curtains are an original substitute for textiles that can transform any interior. Such curtains can be done by hand, having studied a detailed master class.

Curtains of beads in the interior

The beads are surprisingly ductile material, because they can be of any color, shape and style, creating the image you need. There are no restrictions here - bead curtains can be chosen for any interior, be it a classic or a safari.

If you decide to make curtains of beads with your own hands, then you will become the owner of an exclusive design element. Beautiful flowing threads add to the space of lightness and grace.

What roles in the interior can perform beaded curtains:

  • wall decor;
  • interior curtains in the doorways;
  • room zoning;
  • window design as a curtain;
  • screen.

They are convenient in operation, they can be assembled in a bundle and they at the same time do not lose their attractiveness, unlike fabric models. Curtains of beads decorate interior doors and window openings. It can be both wide massive options, and small scenery from ten long threads. The size and transparency of the source material for curtains - beads, determines the characteristics of the finished product.

Crystal beads are especially attractive - they play in the light, breaking it and filling the space with radiance.

Stylistic directions

Depending on the type of beads you choose, you can make both colorful national versions of curtains and pompous crystal waterfalls for chic rooms.

Stylistic directions for bead curtains:

  • wooden beads or beads are suitable for ethnic trends in the interior;
  • plastic beads, flat circles and similar elements will help in creating a modern design;
  • high-tech will complement small metal beads, the curtains of which look futuristic;
  • crystal curtains of beads of various diameters are ideal for the interior in the Baroque style and other classical trends in the interior;
  • multicolored large and large beads will freshen the room, curtains in this style are appropriate in the interior of a nursery, bright kitchen, living room and hallway.

It is easy to make such curtains with your own hands, but it requires perseverance and creativity.

The disadvantages of bead curtains

This element of the decor, like bead curtains, has its drawbacks arising from the characteristics of their structure.

The main disadvantages of curtains made of beads:

  • dust is gradually accumulated on the curtains, so they need to be cleaned. Wooden materials can not be washed, just remove the dust with a dry cloth. Vitreous beads need to be cleaned with a slightly soapy solution, which is quite a troublesome process;
  • small children can break the time of the game, especially since they cause genuine interest in them;
  • The finished versions of bead curtains are quite expensive, especially crystal ones.

But their disadvantages can easily be turned into advantages - mending a torn thread will entice your children. And making curtains of colorful beads can be a fun pastime for the whole family.

How to make curtains of beads with your own hands

The first law for creating any element in the interior with your own hands is style. And if we talk about such a large amount of work as the creation of bead curtains, stringing elements on a fishing line, then you need to be confident in your abilities. In addition, you need to have an initial understanding of working with these materials. In order not to make mistakes and not waste time in vain, it is best to take a master-class of techniques for creating such curtains on the Internet, or to attend a master-class with a specialist, asking all questions directly to the master.

Materials for work

To get started with your own hands you need the following materials:

  • plastic, glass, crystal, wooden and other beads;
  • fishing line;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • colored pencils;
  • cord;

In addition, you will need a curtain rod, on which the whole structure will be fastened and a drill, to fix the curtain rod in its place. For vertical fixation of the curtain beads with a large weight attached below each tape. We advise you to stock up with a little more source material to replace broken or defective items. For stringing apply fishing line, which makes the base almost invisible.

However, there are alternatives:

  • shiny cords;
  • nylon tape.

Choosing such materials, you can create a very original top-class product.

Manufacturing Technique

To assemble bead curtains, the first thing to do is to draw (print) a pattern with exact color arrangement on paper. Embroidery patterns are used to create the look of the ornament. Now, armed with a fishing line, you can start directly stringing beads. Bead curtains are collected from the bottom edge, which is desirable to start with a large piece of weight. Finished threads are fixed on the eaves or in advance prepared plank with holes.

Options for placing beads two: close to each other, with empty gaps. The option with intervals looks great if you decide to make crystal curtains.

By planting the beads at a great distance from each other, an interesting effect can be achieved. In addition, the price of crystal beads is quite high and the lower their consumption, the cheaper the curtains will cost.

For the embodiment of the second option, there are several ways:

  • pass the line through the bead twice and get a loop, which if necessary can be slightly shifted;
  • the use of crimp - metal clamps, which are attached with pliers.

One by one, the threads are collected, creating a light streaming structure. When creating curtains, the beads should be matched to the color and style of the entire interior. A master class will help you make them your own hands, but the main thing is perseverance, because you have to work for quite a long time.

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