Curtains pelmets: types and design

Lambrequin is a narrow strip of fabric that is attached to the curtain rail for a curtain. It was invented as a decor for an ugly section of the wall that remains between the window and the ceiling.

Today they perform a decorative role, making the curtain composition a more harmonious option.

They are also used to decorate unaesthetic cornices. But in most cases, t such curtains serve to decorate the hall in a particular stylistic direction, for example, baroque. You can use it to correct the window opening: they visually raise the ceiling and increase the window opening.


There are many styles in which lambrequin is performed. But the most sought after classic options, but they have undergone some changes with the light hand of designers and masters of curtain sewing.

Classical. It is a narrow strip of fabric, which is gathered into folds with a special tape - curtain tape. There are straight, arched and wavy shape. An excellent solution for decorating a non-aesthetic cornice or upper window slope.

Hard.Such curtains perfectly keep their shape, they are made of a special gang cloth or they use thick fabric. The design of the hall due to this element looks very strict and luxurious. A hard lambrequin is sewn of several models: a metal mold, a swag, a jabota, a peroxide, and others. Variability makes it possible to form a truly unusual composition of curtains.

Combined. It is a symbiosis of classic, hard and fantasy lambrequins. Its final appearance depends on the skill of the manufacturer and is usually sewn in salons. The model range is limitless; your task is only to designate the framework in which it stands, so that the windows do not turn into the only accent of the interior.

Classic curtains. Of course, the complex curtains of the lambrequins of unusual shape look beautiful and very impressive, but for the country style you should choose the classic version of light fabrics. Complex curtains lambrequins consist of several elements of curtain design, which are created with the help of drapery fabric options. Basically, up to 3 different parts are used in one version, but if you have experience and an impeccable sense of style, you can experiment.

Curtains in the living room with 3 svagami. If you throw a fabric strip through the eaves, then a semicircle will come out, which is called "swag". This option will perfectly decorate the living room. But a single item is not good for decorating a room. The window opening will be beautiful if the draping overlaid is repeated on several windows, and use the tubular curtain rod for the best shaping of the “overlap”.

Jabot - Asymmetric element of curtains. It has a lower oblique edge and an asymmetrical design. Jabot, this is the second name of the curtains. It looks appropriate in the bedroom, living room. Usually, jabot represents a composition from two sides of a window, but only one-sided arrangement can be applied.

Kokilye. Kokilye is located in the middle of the window between 2 "svagami". This is a symmetrical or twin construction, which resembles 2 narrow short "swag", located symmetrically to each other. Popular for hall decoration. Combinations of decorative elements look good in different colors. Contrast color compositions add dynamics, and combinations of one color range bring peace to the interior of a living room or another room.

The complex version of the lambrequin design draws attention to itself and is a self-contained window decoration, but if you like the simple options, then the edging on the classic lambrequin diversifies the window opening.

Fringe. Fringe is considered the traditional finish curtains in the living room of velvet.

Scallop. The festoons are soft protrusions of different types, thanks to which you can give the hall window a completely new look.

Modern technology brought a new word in the tailoring curtains. A hard lambrequin can be made of fabric with photo printing, if you pre-select a pattern and carefully measure the size of the decor, you get an exclusive composition for the windows of the hall. If you have decided to decorate your bedroom with a composition of curtains using lambrequin, then this issue should be approached very carefully, take into account the style of your bedroom.

You can decorate with a lambrequin not only a classic living room, but also quite modern rooms, decorated in the style of high-tech or techno.

Curtains lambrequins in the bedroom

The bedroom is a private room of any home. This is where you can experiment and show their own tastes, even if they are a little contrary to the style of the room. As the designers themselves say, curtains lambrequins for the bedroom is a must-have item. Window decoration, front door using curtain date design the ability to hide a room from prying eyes.

Compositions for bedroom decor should be selected during the creation of a design project. You can order ready-made options or do it yourself.

The bottom edge of the curtain is usually made out with a braid or fringe. Finishing materials are suitable for the manufacture of grab curtains. The ribbons, braid, lining fabric, beads and other decorative elements will be used. The choice of a method of decorating a window opening depends largely on the height of the ceiling. If it ranges from 2.5 to 3 meters, then the heavy version will “eat” a couple more extras.

Based on the whole style of the interior of the bedroom, various curtains are selected. In order not to disrupt the unity of the composition, it is necessary to study the special literature.

So for the Baroque and Art Deco fit soft, elegant lines. For them, it is better to choose designs from fantasy draperies and soft fabrics. In the bedroom, acceptable curtains and lambrequins of lightweight fabrics with elegant finishes.

If your bedroom is made in a classic style, then it is better to choose rigid or semi-rigid compositions. Thanks to this decorative element, you can get a more complex, sculptural form. The doorway often needs additional decoration, especially in the bedroom.

With the help of lambrequins, curtains and light curtains, you can achieve a wonderful effect of intimacy and isolation from the outside world.

In addition, the textile design of windows and doors serves as an additional noise absorber. And beautifully designed doorways are always pleasing to the eye and add comfort to the room.

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