Curtains for the kitchen of different sizes (+42 photos)

Curtains are not only protection of personal space from curious glances of passers-by and residents of the neighboring house, but also comfort inside the room. The kitchen, like the rest of the rooms, needs beautiful decoration, because most of the time women spend in this room.

The curtains in the kitchen, as well as possible, can tell about the owner of the house, give her character traits and preferences in the color scheme, a romantic or pragmatic approach to business management.

Curtains for a small kitchen

It is not always possible for hostesses to express their design talent by making out the kitchen. Here the room space is of great importance, which limits the flight of fantasy. The most important thing in the kitchen is not beauty, but safety. Taking into account the location of the plate (if it is next to the window), then the long, wrinkled curtains will not have to be hung in the kitchen. In this case, more suitable blinds or roller blinds. In both cases, you have to abandon the usual tulle. He most often suffers from the neighborhood with the stove.

Rolled curtains for the kitchen of small footage is a very profitable option for many reasons:

  1. Dense material in bright light does not allow to see outside what is being done inside.
  2. A large range of color canvases.
  3. The ability to vary the length of the canvas in the daytime, taking into account that there is enough light in the room, and the window does not seem empty.
  4. Rolled curtains are removed and inserted back into the fixings remarkably, despite the fact that for the first time over the attachment of the rod to the concrete beam you will have to work with a puncher in your hands. However, as when placing a wall or ceiling cornice.
  5. It is simpler to wash roller blinds than to wash curtains or traditional cloths of curtains. It is enough to soap the cloth with laundry soap and brush the places where the grease has got or the donkey has not burned the gas. No need to look for a place to dry them. Water drains from the web instantly, no need to wring out. After washing, you can immediately hang them back, so that the window will be no more than 15 minutes without curtains. This time is enough to evaluate the design of the kitchen with a roll-up curtain and without it.

Independent decoration of roller blinds

In the Khrushchev curtain for the kitchen - the cutest thing. Even with the location of a working or dining table at the window, it is this kind of curtain that will not interfere even when the window is open. Thanks to a special plastic insert in the rocker bottom edge, even the strongest wind will not make the heavy curtain sway.

At small completion this type of curtains will decorate any interior.

A monotonous canvas rather resembles a screen for filmstrips, so that the curtain becomes an ornament of the kitchen, it is necessary to slightly change its design, adding one large thermal paste with silk embroidery, or making up a certain pattern of identical decorative elements. The combined original patterns will look stylish, if with their use the interior does not receive in its design more than 5 colors. Shades of the same color in the interior of one room can be any number, but the mistress irritates - this is proved by psychologists. Design artists would describe such a style with the short word “Kitsch”.

Models of rolled curtains are different. The simplest of them are simply wound on an aluminum bar. Their bottom edge has a wave-like cut, decorated with decorative tape. When the window is not fully open, such curtains look very original. Using floral motifs for decoration, it is enough to decorate only the lower inside part, because the length of the roller blinds is not more than the height of the window.

There are also models that, when opened, are assembled by the type of French draperies. Such a curtain has no decorations. Although among them you can find a colored curtain with a printed pattern.

Elegant curtains on the kitchen window

The larger the kitchen, the more interior options you can think of for it. The most fashionable curtains for the kitchen are those that add light to the room, airiness and visually increase the space. The design of linen curtains on the eaves can be very diverse. It all depends on the taste and imagination of the hostess. In the fabric stores you can now find eyelets, special ribbons, decorative cords and other items that help to create a unique elegant curtain with folds of different types.

In the design of the kitchen, you can just as easily as in the living room or bedroom use lush curtains, mounted on a special band, with the help of which you can get curtains made of dense monochromatic material that look like air flowing with light folds.

Artificial silk, taffeta, brocade are excellent materials, they perfectly keep their shape by themselves, but eyelets, braid and cords make it possible to create completely original curtain models.

The interior of the kitchen 10-12 meters will look great long curtains. If the approach to the window is not forced, the most amazing solution for the decoration of the window will be 2 side curtains. The window design will be complete if you use white organza without embroidery and a printed pattern or tulle with a lace pattern. Eaves, almost reaching the ends to the walls, allows the curtains to reach the corners of the room, expanding the space.

In the afternoon, when the curtain fabric becomes the main fabric that hides the window, the curtains should not hang in a shapeless mass, they can create a beautiful window frame. Decorative clips on magnets or heavy silk brushes on thick twisted cords attached to the wall will help.

Such a design in the interior of the kitchen will add solemnity, which is not bad for a room where family dinners take place, this has a heart-to-heart talk.

The original French curtains will never go out of fashion. They, like the rolls, gather up with the help of cords, creating a kind of roller for the day. The difference is that in the interior with these curtains do not need a bar, they should not be wound on anything. Perfectly French curtains will look on a thick cornice with the appropriate fixtures. The design of the kitchen of any footage from such decoration will benefit. For the manufacture of French curtains is taken 2 lengths of window space, which must be hidden. The longer the curtain, the stronger and more reliable the curtain rod should be. When opening the curtains, the cords must be made visible by decorating them with massive tassels.

Combined kitchen curtain fonts, consisting of longitudinal and transverse elements, necessarily require the addition of tulle or finest guipure. No need for additional elements to the kitchen because of the large number of ruches, folds, stitches in the design, did not resemble the house of Barbie.

Stylish - this does not mean with a large number of bells and whistles, this means that the curtains should fit organically into the interior, complement it and facilitate the perception.

It is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons, choosing the combined options for the curtains in the kitchen among the ready-made headsets curtains on a small window. Choosing the design of kitchen curtains, you must remember about the material from which they will be sewn. The kitchen is characterized by an abundance of odors, and cloth curtains perfectly absorb odor and gas. Combined odors from different dishes, accumulated in the material for a week, can hardly be called a pleasant aroma. Natural fibers absorb the smell better, and it is very difficult to get rid of it.

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