How to pick up curtains at the door: ideas for any room (+42 photos)

Beautiful and fashionable curtains adorn any room. Curtains on the door should not be deleted from the list of good design ideas. A variety of types, shapes and fabrics helps to find a suitable option for the home.

When do we need curtains

The tradition of framing the openings with curtains was preserved by our grandmothers. This design of the doorway did not carry a special functional load. When selecting them, they did not take into account the peculiarities of style and color range. But not all versions of curtains for the living room can be considered appropriate. Hang the curtain on the door with magnets in the kitchen, on the loggia or at the entrance to the house, but not in the interior space.

As for European culture, the curtain fashion was permanent. She appeared and disappeared, along with the styles in which the curtains were used.

These interiors include:

  • retro;
  • country music;
  • Oriental style;
  • ethnic motives.

The main function of curtains on openings without a door was to separate the two parts of the room. We should not forget about the aesthetic side of the curtains. It was fashionable to use multi-layered textiles with bright patterns and decorations in the form of lambrequins. There were no difficulties with the selection of curtains on the window with a balcony door.

To date, the curtains are placed in the empty openings. There they perform several tasks at once:

  • Division of space. So, you can use macrame curtains on the door. They will be an unusual element of decor. And you can do it yourself. Cutting schemes and assemblies are available to everyone and are not complicated.
  • Draft protection in the house. Any curtain instead of the door takes over this function. At the same time it is worth choosing dense materials. For example, a bamboo curtain on the door.
  • Household heat retention and insect infiltration in summer. To do this, curtains with magnets are often used for entry and exit doors. Similar ideas apply to the bath. Indeed, in the premises of this type, too, there is a problem with flies and mosquitoes.
  • Filling the room with comfort and creating the right atmosphere. For example, the elements of bamboo.
  • Hanging curtains are used as a means of zoning a room. Mesh material is also suitable here. But you need to rely on the style of the room.

Anti-mosquito curtains on the door will protect the house from flies and other annoying insects, which are many in the summer. Such a choice concerns the entrance and balcony openings.

What are the curtains

The main thing that should be considered when selecting curtains is practicality. They should not interfere with movement. The most popular species include:

  • Blinds vertical orientation. This option is suitable for a living room with a balcony door. There are designs with remote control.

  • Roller blinds on the door is better to pick up with cassette fasteners. They allow you to quickly remove textiles.

  • Classic curtains also have a place to be. It is necessary to take into account the illumination of space and starting from this to choose a material - transparent or dense.

  • Magnetic curtains on the door are popular in the summer. They are made of transparent materials and are designed to protect the building from insects. In this case, the curtains are easy to remove and attach back. Grid curtain on the door is suitable for both the entrance to the room and the loggia.

  • Place a Roman curtain on the balcony door is recommended by many stylists. This option is easy to hang on the entrance opening and just take off.

On video: curtains on the door and doorway.

Curtain materials

Most often, the material for the curtains on the magnets on the door stands mesh. This curtain is practical and convenient to use. It can also be used for windows. This design idea is available to everyone and does not require special knowledge. Mosquito net curtain will not allow the house to be filled with insects. There may be several grid colors. Manufacturers do not represent a large range for it. Usually these are universal shades.

As partitions and use wooden curtains on the door. They are dense and stable. When there is a need for dividing rooms, they are easy to fit into the interior. One has only to take into account the natural tones of wood. You can create and decorative curtains for the doors with their own hands. They are made of glass, plastic, sequins, shells and beads. These elements are collected in a chain and hung.

Where to use

Curtains can be used in different parts of the house, but you need to remember about the features of the rooms and their styles:

  • Kitchen. The design of curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door should combine brightness and convenience. Inappropriate curtains will be made of materials that quickly get dirty. Plus, the design of the curtains should often remove them for washing. Curtains for the kitchen with a balcony door can not be a single piece of fabric. Such a cut makes it difficult to pass to the loggia.

Curtains to the kitchen with a balcony door can be of different colors and shades, but it is recommended to keep the style of the room. A curtain of thread can also be used as a partition to separate the area for cooking from the eating area. The kitchen interior will complement the glass hanging decor. It is sold in many stores. You can buy a finished curtain or make it yourself.

  • Balcony. To pick up a curtain for a window with a balcony door is difficult. In a variety of options there are many beautiful, but uncomfortable ideas. It should be remembered that the passage from the loggia to the room and back should not create difficulties. For such premises, rolled, Roman curtains and blinds are created. They can be easily divided into functional parts and convenient to fix.

Roller blinds on the balcony door should be chosen in case the room needs to be covered loosely from the light. Such curtains do not differ in light-retaining properties. It is better not to use them for sleeping.

  • Living room. The choice of material and type of curtains in the hall with a balcony door provides several features. Here you can play with textures, material thickness, color and fittings. The main thing to issue in accordance with the general image of the room. In order not to block the exit to the loggia, you can use the construction type lambrequin. They are ideal as curtains for windows with a balcony door.

For curtains on the window in the living room should choose lightweight fabrics. Hanging textiles should not stand out from the general picture of the room. If dense portieres are necessary, then Roman curtains can be connected with straight lines.

The design of the room is worth starting with a choice of curtains. A good option would be to make a roller blind on the door with your own hands. It will fit into the interior in the "modern" style. Similar curtains fasten on a flypaper and easily act. At the same time for any loggia mosquito curtain on the door is necessary. It can be hung on magnets and on the door and on the windows.

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