Interior curtains: types and how to do it yourself

Textiles in our apartments performs in addition to the decorative task, also functional. The right choice of material, style, look will transform the room beyond recognition, add chic, comfort, and also divide the space of the room.

Interior curtains have their own charm and fully justified functional loads in order not to leave our homes.

The market for interior and design solutions is full of the most diverse types of curtains. And they are decorated not only on the windows, but also on the door, and in the space of the room itself as a partition, they look impeccable. Decorative curtains can be made not only from fabric, but also from wood, bamboo, various beads and other improvised materials with their own hands. The stores have the opportunity to purchase ready-made, suitable in size Japanese, roller, Roman, wooden and bamboo curtains. The range is not limited either in colors or in styles or in shape. However, the hand-made thing brings much more heat to the house than it bought in a store.

Curtain Types

Roman curtains do not require a large amount of fabric for sewing. It should not be stingy, get quality material, the expensive will last much longer without losing color and shape. Roman blinds belong to the type of managed. It is easy enough to determine at what height they should be, how much light they will let through to the room.

Thick and strict Roman blinds - ideal for the interior in a classic and oriental style. Remarkably Roman curtains suitable for office, kitchen and even a bedroom.

It all depends on the color scheme. Monochromatic in bright colors emphasize the business style of the study, and romantic and soothing calm the mind in the bedroom. Roman curtains can act as an independent decor, interior curtains, in the form of a kind of tapestry on the wall. Roman curtains can be hung on the door, during the day they will be collected at the base, and in the evening they will close the arch from the other rooms.

Japanese curtains, unlike the previous ones, are arranged vertically. Represent blinds fabric strips. Japanese curtains are also regulated, perfectly save from the midday heat and cope with drafts. As a partition between the zones of the room most often used exactly Japanese curtains. They fill the entire space from the ceiling to the floor, and if necessary, Japanese curtains can be expanded by removing openings and visibility on the other side of the room.

Rolled most often used in the kitchen. By choosing the right material, you can provide low contamination. It will save time on washing and putting them in order. Since roller blinds are very compact, this is the ideal solution for a small room.

Curtains for different rooms

Decorative curtains are not required to hang above the window. Often in modern interiors they frame paintings, frescoes, headboard in the bedroom, arch doors, hang from the ceiling of the bedroom above the bed in the form of a canopy, short curtains can cover individual shelves on the furniture walls and so on.

Curtains of beads, wooden and bamboo can be hung along a section of the wall, as an element of decor.

Curtains for the bedroom is better to pick up soothing shades. Not necessarily light, the main thing is that the color relaxes, and does not infuse subconscious discomfort. A certain amount of romanticism will not interfere with the bedroom, and therefore combinations of beads located in various places in the bedroom will not only not damage, but will only bring positive impressions. For the bedroom fit and Japanese, and rolled, and classic types of curtains, as well as their combination.

For example, the roll can cover directly the window opening, and the classic ones can be a luxurious addition to the image. Decorative curtains of beads, wood and bamboo fit in the door arch. And the same bamboo can separate the sleep area from the rest area with a TV and sofa, if the room combines several functions. Such a partition is organic when roller blinds are used.

Interior curtains are especially useful for the kitchen. They will delay the smells from cooking and will not allow them to spread throughout the apartment.

Doors, of course, do a much better job with this task, but they are not always possible to deliver. For example, because of the size of the corridor and the kitchen itself. Short curtains in a cage on the shelves, made with their own hands, immersed in the world of the American countryside or the style of "country".

Curtains in the nursery

Children's room - the most important place in the house where interior curtains are really necessary. Parents should hear what is happening with their child, did not fall, did not get injured, does homework or plays prefix and so on. Curtains for the nursery must be selected and taking into account the taste of the crumbs. Still, it is for him to live in this situation. The design of curtains for the nursery depends on the sex of the child. The boy will be completely satisfied with the roller and Japanese curtains with the appropriate coloring, and the girl will enjoy the abundance of beads.

Curtains for the children's room can be selected with images of your favorite cartoon characters. Images on a plain fabric can be transferred by hand.

To do this, the shops have decals on the fabric, which are glued with an iron. The hands can be made and curtains of beads, wood and bamboo for the door arch. If the curtain turns out to be quite frequent, it can be used as a partition between the zones. The partition can be made by hand from a wooden frame, and in not fragments of curtains made of beads and bamboo. Such constructions look like decorative screens.

How to close the doorway curtain

The partition for doors can be made by hand from wooden or plastic parts, fastened together and pushed along a peculiar track. Such a curtain will be tighter and will not take up much space.

The second way - composing curtains from scrap materials. This beads, and beads, and fragments of puzzles, fastened together.

In the course will go and small toys, which must be pre-glued hooks or threads. Self-made, such a team curtain will decorate any arch and will serve as an excellent partition between the rooms.

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