Curtain for the bedroom with beige wallpaper: tips on choosing and harmonious color combinations

Few people think about the effect of curtains on the perception of the general atmosphere of the house. And those who want to create a unique interior do not always know how to find suitable curtains for the bedroom with beige wallpaper. There are many variations of combinations. Therefore, it is possible for each room to use different and create the right atmosphere in the house.

Basic techniques

Most often in the selection of curtains use four win-win schemes. They are versatile and as simple as possible:

  • Tone to tone. In this case, you must observe the difference in tone in the light or dark side.

  • Calm and rich. For walls with a monochromatic coating, you can choose bright and expressive curtains. Ruffles, ribbons, patterns on canvas canvases are appropriate here.

  • In accordance with the pattern. If the room is decorated with a combined wallpaper with a pattern, you can use the same on the curtains.

  • Bright hues. Option, suitable in most cases. It is versatile and is used in all rooms. The main thing to consider is a range of cold or warm colors.

Possible color combinations

Shades of beige can be a lot. There are rules for determining successful combinations of beige with the rest of the colors:

  • Yellowish. With beige wallpaper curtains will look good with a touch of color of sand and ripe wheat. If you want to play with saturation, then different shades of yellow can be used in combinations. Not bad with such curtains will be combined interior, made in the colors of cream, milk and coffee beans.

  • White. This color is neutral in combinations with other colors. When combining this color with a beige will get a more spacious-looking interior. Freshness is also added due to the large amount of light in the room.

  • Orange. If the interior was used wallpaper with details of peach and orange hues, then they will fit curtains, made in pale pink, red and orange tones. Such a combination will make the room warmer and give a positive charge. It will also be beneficial to look blotches of white, which are well suited for such an interior. Even if there are not many white blotches, he will still be able to refresh the design and dilute the decor.

  • Green. If you add a touch of green to the dominant beige wallpaper, they will lose in warmth. You should not be afraid of experiments, but you should be more careful with the amount of green parts, because if you overdo it, you can make the room too cool.

  • Blue and blue tones. If there are gray elements in the wallpaper, this immediately makes them a good option for curtains of blue, blue, and sometimes even emerald green colors. This design is aristocratic and cold, but with proper placement of furniture and attention to detail, it becomes easy to cozy and comfortable.

  • Purple. Do not be afraid to try a combination of beige wallpapers with purple and lilac flowers. If the shade was chosen correctly, in a room with such design you can relax after a hard day’s work and relax watching movies.

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Curtains in different rooms

Depending on the place of registration, it is possible to understand which curtains will best suit the beige wallpaper:

  • Kitchen space. If the whole room is made in beige tones, then it is better to use light fabrics in milky shades. Can afford to add drapery. The kitchen is always distinguished by its cheerful mood. To maintain the overall orientation of the style can Roman blinds. If they are of bright color or with a pattern, they will surely attract the eye of all the guests.

  • Living room. In a room facing the sunny side, you should use curtains that can be moved apart. It is better if they are made of thin material. Curtains made of transparent fabrics, complemented by curtains in brown or chocolate shades, look good. To make this room really stylish and guests like it, you can try the textured curtains with several layers, combined with tulle or curtains of light shades.

  • Bedroom. There will be appropriate curtains of heavy fabrics. They will hide the sunlight well. Thanks to them, it will be possible to sleep well even on sunny days. Two-color curtains are commonly used. Among the variety of colors it is worthwhile to dwell on the combinations of gray and black. When choosing curtains pink with a mixture of gray, you need to make sure that the same shades appear in small elements throughout the bedroom.

  • Room for a child. In this room you need to create a warm, bright and cheerful atmosphere. Therefore, the most commonly used fabric calm tones interspersed with saturated shades. For the "castle" kid fit Roman blinds. They can be placed instead of the picture vertical yellow lines. The fabric itself should be gray. If blue, blue, violet colors for curtains are chosen, then it is necessary to add the same tones to different interior details in the room.

Beige in different styles of interior

In different epochs, beige was used as a secondary and auxiliary color, while correctly emphasizing almost any design elements:

  • Empire In this era, beige emphasized the luxurious brilliance of gold and burgundy, isolated chocolate shades, and also diluted the dark wall decoration, being used in furniture and textile elements. Usually, emerald, bright red or indigo curtains were selected for this color, which contrasted sharply with the main design.

  • Baroque. Late Renaissance - the era of luxury. During this period, different types of curtains, canopies and other lush decorations became popular. The walls were then decorated in a warm palette, using peach, apricot and sand shades that distinguished the already spectacular furniture and decor.

  • Classicism. This period is characterized by the use of various shades: cold and warm, saturated and faded colors. Beige was also used, but curtains were attached to it. They should have been either lighter or darker for a couple of tones.

When selecting curtains for any room, you must follow the rules for combining colors with wallpaper. And beige coatings are no exception. Here it is still important to correctly combine the structure of textiles, its tone and pattern.

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