Curtains for the bay window: tips on choosing the type of linen, fabric and cornice

Bay window - a certain part of the space, protruding outward from the surface of the facade, glazed with several windows. The window is usually quite large in size, and therefore it will require special curtains for the bay window. This architectural feature gives additional sunlight to the room, more fresh air, which visually increases the area of ​​the room.

Proper selection of curtains

The curtain design should take into account the large glazing area and dictate the overall style of the room. Therefore, their proper selection is of great importance, showing the tastes of the owner and emphasizing all the advantages of such a window opening.

Curtains for bay windows are selected depending on the geometric shape of the opening. Thus, with a triangular shape or a trapezoid, separate curtains are hung on each window. When the bay window is located in a semicircle, the curtain can be solid, which creates convenience when moving it along a semicircular roof.

The basic principles of the choice of curtains:

  • Depending on the location of the niche in the bay window, the question of separate and solid curtains on different windows should be solved.
  • Of great importance is the appearance that opens from the window: if it is necessary to hide it, it is better to choose thick curtains, with a beautiful landscape - light and transparent textiles.
  • One of the options - Roman curtains for the bay window, which are more functional and do not overload the room with excessive decor.
  • When choosing curtains can be two options: they are in addition to the interior of the room or, conversely, hide part of the room from prying eyes.

When choosing curtains for a bay window, the main rule is the harmonious combination of curtains and the whole style of the room interior. When performing its main function (closing and opening the window opening) curtains should be a good addition to the interior.

You should also consider which room the bay window is in, and depending on this, different types of curtains are used.

Kitchen with a bay window

Curtains for the kitchen with a bay window are selected taking into account the high humidity in the room and the presence of fumes. Fabric must meet the following requirements:

  • easy to wash;
  • do not shed or deform;
  • be water repellent.

This means that the curtains should be easy to wash and not clutter the space. The ideal choice would be roller blinds with special impregnation, better in the form of an arch, allowing not to close the window opening completely. In this case, side curtains are hung on the cornice, then the window can be closed completely at the right moment.

Kitchen design with a bay window is preferably carried out in bright colors or use a contrasting color combination.

Roman curtains for bay windows are very convenient and suitable for installation even on small windows. They enable them to fix in the required position at the desired height in order to change the amount of light from the window that enters the room. With the help of various colors or patterns, they will allow you to choose the decor for the kitchen room and successfully beat or emphasize the originality of the window.

If the kitchen has a sufficiently large area, and there is no need to count each free square meter, then it is possible to divide the entire space into several functional zones. Kitchen design with a bay window of thirteen square meters. m. suggests many options for its design. For example, in a 13kV kitchen design, a bay window can be used for a separate zone.

Here are the following options:

  • Installing a sofa made to order in the form of a bay window - this will create a cozy corner.
  • With the help of a small curtain or partition, you can separate the seating area with a TV or a study room from the kitchen.
  • The device in the bay window of a small winter garden will allow to fill the free space.

The main rule in the design of the kitchen is 13 square meters with a bay window - do not load the room with furniture so that the hostess can comfortably move along thoughtful routes. In this case, the distance from the plate to the dining table should be minimal. The dining area is allocated separately, you can put a comfortable sofa, but so that it does not clutter the room.

When choosing furniture in such a kitchen, designers advise to use a light color spectrum with bright contrasting spots.

All zones with different functions should be performed in a general style, and shades of colors should smoothly move from one zone to another. The kitchen set is not necessarily done in the traditional style, in the kitchen with a bay window due to more intense lighting, furniture with a glossy surface looks great. The kitchen design with a bay window will allow the owners to express their creative imagination and choose the perfect option, convenient for cooking as a hostess and sharing a meal with the whole family in an eye-pleasing setting.

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Curtains for the bedroom with a bay window

In a room designed for rest, in addition to light curtains, there should be thick bay windows, which, if necessary, close and block access to the room with bright daylight or the light of bright evening lights outside.

When selecting curtains in the bedroom, preference should be given to light soothing tones that will contribute to the rest and relaxation of the host. And bright colors can act excitingly. One of the spectacular combinations for a rest room is the design of a bay window with multi-layer curtains made of fine chiffon together with dense curtains of soothing shades (gray, blue, brown, green).

Also in the bedroom often use Roman blinds in combination with heavy opaque curtains of satin or silk.

Curtains for the living room

The design of the living room with a bay window allows you to conduct many experiments and apply some imagination in the design. Living room or room - a place where the owners spend a lot of time using the room to relax the whole family and receive guests. Therefore, the selection of accent in such a room depends on the selection of curtains.

If the living room is made in classic style, then Austrian curtains with heavy folds are a good option. They add to the room a sense of luxury and antiquity. Such curtains in the bay window for the living room have a decorative function, and it is assumed that they will rarely be opened. A similar option is suitable if the view from the window is not very pleasant (the wall of another house or a dull industrial landscape).

When the bay window is small, French curtains will look better for the living room with numerous folds and scallops that will add air and light to the hall.

If the interior of the living room with a bay window is a large amount of furniture and decor, then the curtains on the windows should be chosen in a concise and restrained style, in a calm color scheme and with a suitable texture. Zoning of premises is considered a popular and original design solution; in particular, you can separate the bay window in the living room interior and create an additional cozy corner.

The effect of increasing the space and depth of the bay window can be obtained by combining several colors and textures in it at once. This applies to curtain fabrics, and to the elements of decor and furniture.

Types of cornices

Modern cornices are made of various materials: metal, wood, plastic and even glass. The most popular models are aluminum cornices, suitable in functionality for a kitchen window.

Bay window cornices for curtains make three types:

  • From profile by the size of the window opening, usually made with sliders (for curtains, tulle or pelmets). This cornice is attached to the wall or ceiling with the help of brackets.

  • Round design in the form of a rod, divided into segments, fastened with hinges. The curtain can move either only along a segment or along the entire contour - the curtains are attached to the hinges, grommets or rings.

  • From the string - the simplest and most inexpensive type of cornice consisting of a bracket and a string, which fits the modern styles of the room (high-tech, minimalism).

Eaves for bay windows can be decorated in various styles. Most often the tips are decorated with plastic, wood, crystals (refracting light). There are no universal rules for decorating bay windows. It all depends on the taste of the owner, who chose those or other curtains for the bay window in accordance with the style or color you like.

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