Tips for choosing curtains in the bedroom: the best options for home interior (+53 photos)

How to choose curtains in the bedroom so that they become a real interior decoration? Naturally, such a textile design should fully comply with the interior design, highlighting its main features. The color design as well as the texture of the fabric and its texture are of great importance here. With the help of curtains you need to create an atmosphere where it will be comfortable and quiet.

Restriction of choice

Since the bedroom is not exposed to aggressive environmental influences, then the choice of textiles can be wide. How to choose curtains in the bedroom, so that all of the above was taken into account? You can use almost all the colors of the rainbow, combine different shades. As for the material, then of course, natural fabrics are preferable, but there may be mixed versions, completely artificial.

Here you should consider some of the nuances that limit the range:

  • If there is an allergy to artificial fiber, then it is better to limit only natural.
  • If the interior is decorated in modern style, it is better to prefer blinds or roller blinds for curtains.
  • In the style of minimalism used monochromatic colors;

In addition to aesthetic decoration textiles must fulfill other purposes. For example, completely or partially darken the room. Otherwise, the curtains will become an ordinary decoration of the room.

Types of curtains

Pick up the curtains in the bedroom is quite simple, if you decide on the appropriate type of textiles regarding the interior design. There are the following types of curtains:

  • Curtain They represent canvases of regular geometric shape, more often it is a rectangle rather than a square. For their tailoring use translucent fabric. It does not matter what the color or shade of the product will be. This type of curtain is used in bedrooms that face north, because otherwise the sun will interfere. If the room is too light, you can use a darkening substrate.

  • Filament curtains. Used in the interior with a more original design. Often these curtains are used in the interior with oriental motifs. For decorating such textiles often use beads or beads.

  • Portieres. This is a universal set for curtains - canvas made of thick fabric. Often, this textile is sewn on a more dense material. Thus, the colors in the room and the curtains themselves do not fade from the sun. Portieres can be decorated with all sorts of special pickups and garters.

  • Classic curtains. This is a universal combination of tulle and curtains. Most often portieres are used only for decoration, and not for darkening. This function has a special canvas. Portieres can be of various lengths, optionally in the floor.

  • Italian curtains. They are used for the decoration of spacious bedrooms, which are decorated in a relaxed classic or Provencal style. Visually the Italian curtains are identical to portieres. But unlike the curtains, these curtains are fixed on the eaves. The window can be opened thanks to the aesthetic selection of curtains. The fabric can be thick, but always natural.

  • French curtains. They are collected organza. Such a choice may be suitable for bedrooms that offer luxury and lavish furnishings of other elements of the situation. Assembly to be made vertically along the entire canvas.

  • Roman curtains. Used in the design of modern bedrooms. The fabric closes clearly the window opening, while not closing the rest of the frame. This is a minimalist representation of the textile design of the window, so this option is suitable for small rooms.

  • Roller blinds. This is a regular strip of canvas, which is set below the weighting. The color palette of such a product should be bright and rich. On the canvas can be ethnic pattern or small print.

Increasingly, curtains are beginning to replace blinds. It is believed that they are more functional and meet the standards of modernity, so they can also be called one of the types of curtains.

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What option to stay

If you follow the tips that relate to the choice of curtains for the bedroom, you can create a unique style for the room. It will be cozy here, and the rest will be truly real. Thanks to the successful selection of textile design, you can put all the accents in the interior.

Textiles should be selected in accordance with the interior design:

  • The classic style assumes the presence of curtains and tulle, sometimes you can get by with a curtain of monophonic material of saturated color.
  • Modern style fit roll or Roman blinds.
  • Baroque involves the use of French curtains.
  • For Provence fit Italian products from the noble fabric.

In addition to complying with the interior design, textiles should be chosen correctly for functional use:

  • If the apartment is located on the first floor of the building, then it is better to buy portieres that will tightly cover the bedroom from prying eyes. If the windows overlook the sunny side, then it is also best to give preference to curtains or blackout curtains.
  • If the room has a large area, it means that the excess of space can be compensated by heavy curtains with thick drapery. So, textiles will fill the space. In a small room, it is better to use functional curtains that are combined with lightweight tulle.
  • The choice will depend on the height of the ceilings, and more precisely on the installed eave. If the eaves are hidden or installed, then it will give a few centimeters to the textile and visually increase the height of the ceiling.
  • Rooms in which design of smart design decisions is not supposed, it is possible to use rolled or even Roman textile designs. You can use shortened options.

It is important to correctly relate all the parameters of the room and its location. If you consider all the nuances, then the selected option will be the perfect solution for the room. But besides all this, you should think about who will use the bedroom.

Curtains for the child's bedroom

Making windows in the children's room is significantly different from the standard choice, but it should not be worse than the design decision. How to choose curtains for this case? Here it is important to choose samples from natural material. It can be a fabric of any density, but still it is better that it is a dense base.

Decoration for the children's room will be bright original tulle, which will be in harmony with the curtains. In the children's room it is undesirable to use blinds, roll or roman counterparts. An interesting option can be Italian fabric products with a small floral print.

For very small ones, you can choose plain textile stripes, but with a bright pattern. Decorative trim may also be present on the product. These can be beads, ribbons or appliqués from fabric.

Children's lambrequins will make decorating textiles more interesting and original.

The benefits of textiles

The main task of textiles in the bedroom is not only decorating the room, but also a functional solution that will help avoid many drawbacks:

  • Visually expand the space by hiding a small window opening.
  • Hide inconspicuous view from the window.
  • Protect the room from direct sunlight.
  • Hiding space from prying eyes.

The advantages of this type of decoration are many, but the main ones require special skills. You just need to know all the disadvantages of the room and the advantages, so as not to spoil the whole look of the bedroom. Therefore, it is important to correlate the selected options with the decor of the rest of the décor and furniture.

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