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In the bedroom, a person spends a third of his life, glimpsing nightly dreams. This is a place that charges not only energy but also positive emotions for the whole day. Therefore, it is important to select the design of the room and all its components in soothing relaxing colors that you will like. Curtains for the bedroom are an essential attribute in the interior. Thanks to them, the bedroom looks fully and comfortably, and their role is just as important as the bed or the wardrobe. Emerging novelties and fashion trends in design solutions also apply to curtains. You need to study them carefully to choose fashionable curtains for the bedroom. The latest fashion opens up a wide variety of fabrics and curtain colors for every taste. However, taste alone is not enough.

When choosing curtains on the bedroom window, consider its design. Curtains should not come to the fore or clearly diverge in style with the interior.

For example, heavy velvet curtains, with all its magnificence and luxury, certainly will not fit in the style of country music.

Curtains in the bedroom

First of all, it is important to decide which function of the curtains is a priority for you. If the curtains for the bedroom will perform your decorating function, you can choose short or medium length, light colors from light translucent and transparent fabrics. Accessories will complement the design, for example, tassels, ribbons, holders, pelmets.

If the curtains require a protective function from bright rays of light, then dark long curtains of dense fabrics, such as velvet, brocade, satin, jacquard, will do. To hide the room from prying eyes inside, such types of curtains as roller blinds, Roman curtains, blinds are perfect.

Roman curtains have the appearance of a fabric cloth, which is attached to the eaves and has a lifting mechanism. They are great for bedrooms with windows of non-standard shapes and sizes.

Do not forget the owners of the balconies in the bedrooms about the functionality of curtains. To the passage to the balcony was free, suitable curtains, blinds, filament curtains. Lovers of the classics can choose the usual curtains for the bedroom, picking them up for convenience on the sides of furniture.

The choice of colors

To choose a color solution for your curtains, always be guided by the rule that the curtains for the bedroom should not catch the eye and annoy too bright or dark color. Curtains should not only fit into the interior in color, but also successfully complement the design. Therefore, combinations of curtains with the color of the floor, furniture, bedspreads, walls and other accessories are always in fashion. Designers suggest choosing curtain tones lighter than the colors of the bedroom itself. They are especially appropriate in a dark little bedroom, where a little light penetrates. The same rule applies to Roman curtains.

If you choose curtains consisting of two or three layers, it is reasonable to combine colors.

A great help will be the "color compass", with which designers combine colors in the interior. For the main tulle is better to choose light colors: white, pink, lilac, beige, blue. For heavier portieres, saturated, dark or deep colors are suitable: burgundy, purple, blue, brown. Often the second and third layers are dark and are matched to individual items.

New items such as fabric with a contrasting lining and blackout have become trends due to their stylishness and functionality.

Selection of materials

Like any object in the interior, curtains for the bedroom require special care. Therefore, choosing the material for them, you should think about practicality. The best materials for curtains in the bedroom are natural.

These can be products from:

  • cotton;
  • flax;
  • viscose;
  • silks;
  • velvet;
  • bamboo

On the Roman curtains are more natural materials. Natural fabrics are environmentally friendly, they delight the eye with a pleasant design and give a pleasant tactile sensations. Their price is much more expensive than artificial materials, so you can choose the material that is suitable for you, having in its composition natural fibers.

These fabrics include:

  • polyester - such fabric in its pure form or with the addition of cotton is not only popular, but also practical. It can be washed in the machine, and it is not deformed when washed;
  • organza - light, transparent, but at the same time durable fabric;
  • satin - smooth flowing fabric that looks elegant and luxurious;
  • silk and patchwork - innovations of the year, which will add originality to the design.

Expensive brocade, velvet, and damask fabrics are suitable for window pellets. But you can also use cotton, flax and other fabrics.

Curtains and interior design

The style of the bedroom also plays an important role in the choice of curtains. Taking it into account, classic, Roman, Japanese, Italian, rolled, short, long, shady, asymmetrical, night and other curtains are chosen. Varieties, there are many, but what kind of curtains for the bedroom are combined with a certain style is still worth finding out.


  • Design in classic style emit heavy curtains of velor, velvet or tweed. They look cozy and soft. Luxury satin and silk with voluminous folds fill with luxury. With curtains in this style perfectly blend Roman blinds;
  • Modern style is characterized by uneven, even asymmetrical lines on curtains. The window can be framed on both sides, but in different ways;
  • Country-style design includes romantic light colors of curtains, for example, lilac, blue, green, yellow, with a small pattern. Light and natural fabrics are also suitable, products made of velvet or silk are inappropriate here;
  • Scandinavian style window does not tolerate cute little things. Here strict light curtains are welcomed: white, lilac, pink, beige from natural fabrics without excesses;
  • in the Japanese style, as in the eastern, coarse fabrics and simplicity prevail. Appropriate short curtains, roll, Roman, which can be decorated with ornaments.

Curtains for the bedroom "Episcopal sleeves", which are tied in several places, adorn the design in the style of vintage, art deco and fusion.

Custom solutions

Making out the bedroom window curtains, do not forget about originality. Your bedroom should be distinguished by its unique twist.

Therefore, you will need some useful tips:

  • The contrast lining looks original, and the patterns on it made of velvet can be combined favorably and emphasize other details and accessories in the interior.
  • Bright colored cornice looks very attractive. Vivid colors that you can imagine, for example, lilac, crimson, lemon, refresh the interior. But be prepared for the fact that you will not find the color you need quickly and easily, so you will have to paint the cornice yourself.
  • The use of accessories, if your bedroom design allows it, always adds comfort. There is a wide variety of them: laces, tassels, fringe, beads, holders. Going in search of a suitable part, take a photo of your curtains with you to simplify the search.
  • Decorative fixtures always attract attention. They are usually used to highlight high ceilings.
  • Horizontal stripes became fashionable not so long ago, but they were firmly entrenched in it. You can combine several types of fabrics, combining both light and dark colors, or pick up ready. As a variant of the horizontal strip, the separation can be considered a small ribbon, for example, from velvet, or a decorating element. Roman curtains look great with stripes in the interior.

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