Curtains and tulle in the bedroom: the rules and details

Curtains - not only an element of interior design. A room without curtains is like serving food on a dish without cutlery. It seems that everything is taken into account, but something is missing. In this article, you will learn how to pick curtains and tulle in the bedroom.

Style matters

Modern designers for individual style bedrooms recommend choosing different designs of curtains.

Here, for example, the "classic" version, or as it is also called the traditional one. Its basis, are heavy heavy curtains hanging along the edges of the windows, and the whole center is filled with weightless tulle. In the daytime, the bedroom curtains elegantly outline the window, and in the dark are closed from the outside world. This option is very popular with the average man in the street.

Do not ignore the option of "Roman curtains". This is a kind of blinds. Dense, smooth canvas closes the window to the window sill. Adjustment is carried out using a special cord attached to the slats on the inside of the curtain, by pulling or releasing.

A variant of the French curtains most often found in a theater or concert hall. Ideal for him are light, airy fabrics. They can be chosen to create an interior in the living room. However, if you decorate with high-quality and original lambrequin or use tulle, the bedroom will look like palace chambers.

  • If the room has low ceilings, you should look at the curtains, with vertical stripes. If the room is narrow, vertical stripes will come to the rescue. They will expand the room.

  • Choose curtains more saturated colors than wallpaper on the walls. Otherwise, there is a risk to get a room where the “window clothes” merge with the walls and create the effect of the absence of windows.

  • Warm shades like purple, orange or coral add warmth and comfort to a room. Cold shades will help to create a feeling of peace and coolness. But curtains, made of heavy dense materials, combined with air and light curtains can create an atmosphere of warmth in your home.

  • The feeling of completeness and nobility of the window opening will give lambrequins - frill, which is drained from the top of the curtains. This should be avoided only in one case when the room has low ceilings. In this case, the pelmet will create a more earthiness of the window.

  • Choosing tulle, be sure to consider the lighting of the room. If there is always a lot of light here, then impermeable fabrics will look stylish on the window. But the light materials are more suited to the shaded room.

  • Ask the seller to expand the roll, when choosing tulle, it will help to better consider the shades. Always remember, the color of the fabric in the roll seems to be more saturated than it actually is. Selecting material for curtains and tulle, try to consider the shade of the walls in the room, and the furniture that filled the space in it. Plays an important role and the height of the ceiling, and carpet.

Take into account the details

The method of fastening the curtains is also important. The curtain can be fastened with a clip or edged at the top with a metal hole through which the eaves are passed. You can tie up the curtains at the bottom of the window frame with ribbon, chain or braided cord.

The simplest fastening is considered to be pulling the eaves into the seam, which was previously set off at the top of the product. The fastening of the eaves is different: by corners to the wall, by holders or tips. Rope cornices are perfectly combined with curtains made in natural fabrics. Bronze or brass cornice with unusual tips just made for curtains, made in the classic, French versions.

Take measurements

Before you sew yourself or order curtains from a master, carefully measure your measurements from the window with a measuring tape. Ideally, measurements are made after installing the eaves.

In the case of the installation of a wall cornice, wide curtains, there will be a distance between the extreme mounts. When doing this, allow for a crease of tens of centimeters. The allowance depends on the selected model curtains.

For tailoring tulle, you must take two or even three widths of the window, it all depends on the fabric. Length is the distance from the eaves to the floor.

With the ceiling mount cornices, measurements are taken similarly to the above described option. The only difference is that the length is measured from the ceiling.

the cloth

If the chambers are always filled with sunshine, then it is better to tuck the curtains of thick and dense fabric. They will prevent the penetration of light flux into the room, thereby creating shade in the morning.

If the design of the room does not provide curtains, you can use paper blinds. In order to avoid burning up of paints on curtains, protecting impregnations are applied.

It is necessary to select fabrics without linings with a high margin of safety, if later the plans include frequent washing of curtains. For flax, cotton and velvet is better to use dry cleaning.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cotton fabrics, they quickly fade, fade and lose their colors under the sun's rays. Silk is also impractical. Like cotton fabric, it quickly loses its brightness, so it does not do without additional means of protection.

A curtain made of taffeta perfectly copes with the function of light reflection, besides the curtains of this fabric are perfectly erased.

Lovers of natural materials should pay attention to flax. Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to find fabrics made from flax, without any additives. In textiles, flax is produced with additives that only improve it, give it lightness and gloss.

A favorite design option for windows of modern designers is the combination of colors and textures in fabrics for curtains, as well as tulle, filling the space between the canvases. In their opinion, curtains and tulle should correspond to the season outside the window. So, for example, in the warm season, the choice should be stopped on aerial materials. To the cold period, curtains from dense fabrics will approach more. Insist on the seasonal change of curtains, we will not. For yourself, you can well think of some universal option.


Using different inserts, combining them with the base material on the curtains, you can make the room special and unique.

Pastel shades will help to create coziness. Catchy aggressive shades better not use in this room. They will not help to relax, but rather the opposite. Curtains for the bedroom is better to choose from a denser fabric. Their structure will prevent the entry of light from outside. But paid fabrics can accumulate dust.

You can choose tulle to curtains in addition. Here fit both modest and bulk draperies. The basis should be the artistic preferences of the owners and, of course, individuality in the interior.

Choosing fabric for curtains in the bedroom, remember that plain materials, without any pattern perfectly combined with other interior items. Their main advantage is color and texture.

The most intimate place in the house is the bedroom. This is the room in which rest from everyday worries and which is hidden from the eyes of guests. Harmony and comfort is an important aspect of the bedroom. However, picking up the curtains in the bedroom, try to bring into it a bit of a romantic atmosphere.

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