Original cotton curtains

Once upon a time the original filament curtains were a bold addition to the interior. After it was considered a relic of the past, but today the old idea has received a new embodiment and has gained wide popularity. Today, filament curtains in the interior in large quantities can be found in the interior and choose the most suitable for you.

Short story

Curtains of thread in the interior appeared many years ago in the warm eastern countries. Because of the hot climate, keeping the doors closed was not possible, but at home they always needed protection from prying eyes, and they also created the necessary blackout and comfort.

Later, their practicality spread to other countries, most of all, the consumer was seduced by the appearance than their useful properties.

So filament curtains in the interior took root in almost all countries and even found new design options.

Types of curtains

Over the long years of its existence, a curtain of threads has been made using a variety of materials.

It is conditionally possible to divide all curtains into two types:

  • muslin curtains;
  • curtains of durable materials.

Curtain material is selected on the basis of destination. For rooms you can choose cotton curtains from different materials and with the original design. Naturally, cotton products need careful maintenance. Otherwise, they will quickly lose their attractive appearance and can even spoil the whole impression of the room. On vertically suspended elements quickly accumulates dust and dirt, so it is important to monitor their cleanliness.


A muslin is a curtain made of interwoven threads, they can create an original ornament or just fall down. Just hang them, simply decide on the size and pattern.
Since the sheath is made of fabric threads, she quickly gets dirty and needs care. Periodically, they need to be washed, and carefully hung, for self-drying.

Beautiful openwork patterns harmoniously look in any interior, the main thing is to choose the right stylistic combination. They can be hung on windows, doors or zoned space.

Curtain decor

Very unusual look of cotton curtains in the interior, made from all sorts of original materials.

For manufacturing use:

  • beads of different sizes;
  • rhinestones and beads;
  • natural stones;
  • metal and plastic elements of different shapes;
  • Original parts: feathers, glitter, glass parts, etc.
  • Beads from a tree and other materials.

Such curtains can be made of the same parts in the same style or combine various elements and details. When combining different colors, you can get an original thread rainbow that will decorate a window or a doorway. The advantage of solid materials is that they do not need to be washed.


To ensure the longest period of operation of curtains, you need to regularly and properly care for them.
Curtains of threads need to be periodically washed in soapy water. And products made of hard materials should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth or dusting them with a special brush.

Yarn curtains of fabric can not be categorically washed in an automatic machine, all the elements are confused with each other, and the product will be irretrievably damaged.

For living room

Cotton curtains perfectly complement any room, you can hang them in the living room. It is only necessary to choose the right style and combination. With the help of a muslin you can interestingly beat the doorway or window opening, as they can become an original decoration of the wall in the living room.

It is very convenient to hang them for zoning a small living room, the thread curtains do not overload the space, at the same time they help to separate one zone from another.

So in the living room you can separate a resting place or a small dining room. If necessary, e partition just put aside and return the living room integrity. If they become dirty, they can be quickly washed or wiped with a damp cloth.

Original curtains for the bedroom

Depending on the style in which the bedroom is made, a curtain of threads can very effectively decorate a window or door. It will also be interesting to look at the head of the bed. Beads, beads, glass beads and droplets and other bright details can be a complement in almost any bedroom.

Threads with beads can not only be combined with each other, they can complement ordinary stalls and give them a certain zest. Several strands with rhinestones and sparkles can be decorated with ladies' table. A rainbow of rhinestones and beads will also look very nice in the bedroom. You can also hang them at the entrance to the dressing room. Cotton curtains need not forget to wash, so that they do not spoil the look of the room.

Filament veil for the kitchen

Ordinary textile curtains in the kitchen often suffer from fat and other contaminants, which are not small in the kitchen. Using for this room curtains of various solid elements, it is possible to greatly facilitate cleaning in the kitchen. It will not be necessary to constantly wash the curtains for the kitchen, it will be enough to periodically wipe them with detergent. For the design of the kitchen in the style of art deco or high-tech such elements are the best fit, they will not only protect the kitchen from the sun's rays, but also betray it to the individuality and glamor chic.

The kitchen can also be decorated with a muslin. A rainbow of iridescent beads would also be appropriate.

Children's room

You can also create a children's room with curtains, you can even offer your child to make them yourself, with the help of mom or dad and hang them together in the room. Any kid will love to string various beads and other suitable jewelry on the rope. Using multi-colored beads can be made, so that a rainbow would turn out. Such a rainbow complement any children's room.

A rainbow of beads does not necessarily have to be combined with the style of the whole room, it can be its bright detail.
For a little princess, you can decorate the room with an extraordinary canopy made from a muslin for a bed.

Thread curtains can be a decoration for any room, the variety of materials and colors can embody any, even the wildest fantasies.

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