Proper selection of curtains - the harmony of color, style, decor (+45 photos)

The harmonious design of window openings will add completeness to the room. How to find curtains to hide defects, visually expand the window. How to choose curtains for the interior so that the design and fabric of the curtain are in harmony with the style, wallpaper, furniture?

Textiles are selected according to several parameters:

  • area and structure of the room;
  • window size;
  • color and texture of the wall covering;
  • furniture and decorative filling;
  • the nature and purpose of the space;
  • main used style direction.

In order not to be mistaken with the selection, it is important to know the main characteristics of the design and style of curtains.

The most important:

  • view - curtains, curtains, blinds, Roman, English, Japanese and other variations;
  • color and pattern;
  • texture - smooth, pleated, pressed, boucle, etc .;
  • length;
  • style - classic, minimalism, loft, vintage, etc .;
  • decor - pelmets, podhvaty, edgings, cords.

Harmony in the interior

What should be guided when choosing? Opinions of experts are divided. Textile matching in color and texture with upholstered furniture will become more economical. This will allow the walls to be re-glued or repainted without compromising harmony. But with the tone of the wall covering must also be considered. Textiles, in particular curtains, should be in harmony with the color palette of the whole room.

In the question of how to harmoniously pick up the curtains to the wallpaper is based on several rules.

  • Do not pick them exactly in the color of the walls - such a solution is rather boring, and turns the room into a box closed on all sides. When using 2, 3-layer models at least one layer must match the shade of the wallpaper, the rest may slightly or significantly different.
  • A combination of plain and printed surfaces, small and large patterns will help to avoid overloading.
  • Wall-paper of saturated shades is well in tune with neutral materials.
  • Surfaces with metallized effects will complement textiles with pearlescent, silver or gold stripes and inserts.
  • A good combination gives a large pattern on the wallpaper with a plain curtain fabric.

The influence of window textiles on the perception of space

How to choose the right curtains and adjust with their help the window opening and the room as a whole?

  • Large space allows the use of massive models, pelmets, complex draperies, heavy fabrics.
  • Low ceilings will visually “lift” the lush drape, but this option does not suit small-sized spaces.
  • A horizontal bar will help to expand the room, a vertical bar will increase its height.
  • The narrow window can be pushed apart with the help of the eaves.
  • Low translucent curtains of light colors on a graceful cornice begin to decorate a low window.
  • The stricter and calmer the design and color, the more spacious the space looks.

Color solution

Warm gamma is good for giving comfort. Colors are capable of creating the illusion of a higher temperature than it actually is, therefore, they are not recommended on the south side of the house, they reduce space.

These include shades:

Red is the color of energy, vigor, activity. To avoid undue influence, you should use it in doses. Yellow - optimistic, allowed in moderation, adds the illusion of sunlight even in the gloomy interior with low light. Orange color uplifting and appetite. Acceptable in the kitchen, in the living room.

The cold gamma adds coolness, purity, spaciousness, freshness to the decoration, lowers the temperature.

It includes colors:

Blue - the color of peace and concentration. Green is a color of calm, not suitable for people with a melancholic character.

Lavender will set the right wave of creative activity, purple will add solemnity to the interior.

Achromatic gamma:

  • White. Color will require the maintenance of impeccable order and bright wall decoration.
  • Black color. Suitable for a room with good daylight and artificial light.
  • Gray. Its various tones are neutral, will successfully fit into the interior with a bright color content.

If possible, take tissue samples with you. So you can choose the colors of the curtains in complete harmony with the style and lighting of the room. First of all, the material should be pleasant, not annoying and not distract from everyday affairs.

Style of the room and window design

Any modern interior involves a combination of functionality and the main features of one or more styles. For a harmonious image should take into account the overall design decision.

Empire Majestic Greek motifs are emphasized with elegant draperies, lambrequin, deep, rich gamut of green, blue, red, purple. Characterized by fringe trim, velvet, silk, tulle, exquisite layering.

Provence. At the heart of the direction lie ease and naturalness. Air curtains of linen and cotton of pastel, "whitewashed" shades of pink, white, azure, milk, olive, lavender will be appropriate. They can be monophonic, with a small floral pattern, in a thin strip or a cage, have a lace trim.

High tech. Simple forms are used, synthetic fabrics of predominantly achromatic scale, green, blue, red colors are permissible. Decor, prints, draperies are absent.

Shabby chic. It is characterized by a rich, complex, but elegant window decoration with an abundance of draperies, bows, plant patterns, cherubs.

Vintage. Direction corresponds to the design of the window opening with draped or multi-layered models of dense satin, silk, velvet, taffeta, gabardine. They can be printed or monochromatic, there is no specific requirement for color. There is a finish in the form of cords and brushes, fringe, scallops.

Art Deco. To emphasize luxury will help curtains of expensive lightweight or heavy materials in a rich palette of precious stones, chocolate, orange, white, gold and black. The monotony, the image of mythical creatures, geometric, plant patterns are acceptable.

Baroque. It features the most sophisticated versions of luxury models on the lining and curtains with the use of elaborate forms of pelmets, a lot of decor (ribbons, scallops, ruffles, fringe, tassels). Patterns: Cupids, large flowers, vertical strip, monogram. Colors: emerald, red, azure, gold.

Minimalism. For full compliance, it is possible to do without drapes. If the landscape outside the window leaves much to be desired or there is a functional need, you can choose monochromatic curtains, blinds, Roman, smooth curtains without prints and finishes.

Avant-garde There may be a contrasting color combination. Small items off, welcome local, rich colors, thread decor, pleating.

Loft. For him fit models of dense fabrics with a pronounced texture and natural shades (brick, coffee, olive, beige), blinds, transparent air curtains without decor.

Purpose of the room

Space design is often influenced by its purpose. It is difficult to meet the living room in country style, and the small-sized kitchen in the spirit of the Empire style.

Living room. Select curtains for window decoration in the room should be based on its style, colors and features. If the living room does not go south or a lively avenue, you can do without the curtains and make the space more spacious and airy. However, lightweight tulle will have, by the way. How to choose curtains to wallpaper in a dark room? Stop picking on white.

Kitchen. Functionality above all. For the interior of the kitchen need textiles, which is easily cleaned from dirt, does not accumulate dust and odors. For the kitchen it is better to pick up the curtains just above or below the level of the window sill.

Bedroom. Here we need curtains with good light insulation. The larks will save them from the light of lanterns and headlights, owls - from demanding sunlight. Provide light transmission and blackout in the bedroom will also help the Roman version of "day-night."

Children's Models of soft, but beautiful shades from practical materials, in accordance with age, sex, child's preferences, are best suited. It is desirable that the fabric was natural, non-flammable, did not collect dust, was easy to wash.

Decorative trim and curtain rods

It is important not only to choose curtains, designs, colors and patterns, but also to select the appropriate decor.

The eaves must comply with two main parameters:

  • reliable fastening and ensuring full functioning;
  • combination with the style of the room.

The first parameter is affected by the view, the number and weight of the canvases, the material used to decorate the walls and ceiling, and the height of the room. For textiles with lush drapery need curtain rods on long brackets. Massive multilayer compositions require the use of additional fixings.

The material of the cornice made of metal can repeat the shade and the type of metal parts available - patina, bronze, chrome, steel, etc. Similarly with wooden or plastic fastenings. It is important to combine the shape of the cornice with the style of the room. The harmony of all the components influences the creation of an interesting interior and cozy atmosphere.

So, having understood the basic parameters and requirements, you can safely begin to create a fresh window decor in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and any other room.

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