Natural wooden ceiling in the house

The advantage of wooden ceilings over reinforced concrete slabs is indisputable in terms of environmental friendliness, sound insulation and heat-shielding properties of the room. Beautiful design of the ceiling with textured pattern will perfectly complement the interior of the house, where the wall paneling is also made of board with the same cut method, with full coincidence of the density and type of wood. Wooden ceilings in the interior of a city apartment when used for wall decoration of modern materials are not so straightforward.

Wood compatibility with other materials

A wooden house with a carved ceiling is a common design. Regardless of whether the walls are lined with blackboard or have a natural look of any type of log or timber, the ceilings made of wood will suit the room quite naturally. When covering the walls with color schemes, it is not necessary to give the ceiling the same shade.

With a reddish color for the walls, the ceiling can be coated with an impregnation or protective varnish with a yellowish tint.

Wooden ceiling and walls

Use for wood walls with low humidity, and for the ceiling boards with a natural moisture level, it is necessary to treat the surface with impregnations that preserve the natural color or give the tree a special shade. Otherwise, in a few years it will seem that the ceiling is made of material older than the walls of the house. This will be noticeable, because the aging process of wood will take place in different ways.

Wood ceilings perfectly absorb steam, moisture, and odors, which, without additional protection of wood with natural moisture, in the kitchen area will not only change color, but may also be deformed. Both of these defects are easily eliminated with a planer and a grinding machine.

There is no way to get rid of the odors that the wood has absorbed. They can only block the lacquer coating.

Such an attractive pattern of wood with longitudinal lines is obtained by tangential cutting of the trunk. And this suggests that the board has a high level of humidity and is susceptible to a loss of its original shape when dried. Ceilings from such a board can be made only for rooms with low humidity and constant air temperature. Doing such ceilings in the country, which is not heated in winter, in spring you can be very disappointed in your decision.

Board and stone

The ceiling should look more weightless in any interior than walls, which is determined not by weight, but by the appearance of the material. Concrete blocks, brickwork, natural stone in the design of the walls will be an excellent basis for the use of wood ceilings. It is not necessary to use natural stone and brick. It can be quite limited to imitations of these materials, which are presented in building stores in the form of clinker tiles.

Wooden ceilings in a city apartment in the hallway or in a kitchen with a similar lining will be fully justified. The tree looks good in combination with plastered bleached walls. Suitable for decoration of rooms with wooden ceilings and interior textured paint.

In the design of pubs, pubs, night bars, antique-style with the use of wooden shelves in the interior, items of cooper production often use a combination of stone walls and floor with wooden ceilings.

To paint a wooden ceiling or not

The wood does not combine well with even oil coatings, even if the ceiling itself is covered with white paint. The painted wooden ceiling can be combined with a large amount of materials, but there is no point in this, because most of the advantages that natural wood gives to the room will be safely hidden under the thick paint shell.

The best quality of wood is that it preserves the level of humidity of the room, sacrificing its own appearance. Absorbing excess air from the air or giving it away moisture, wood undergoes a natural contraction or expansion, but this is not a problem with minor or short-term differences.

The wooden ceiling will get a lot of damage due to prolonged exposure to water, and when the temperature drops to -10⁰ C and below the board can become covered with longitudinal cracks. The same deformation awaits them with prolonged exposure to heat with a low importance of air. It turns out that when using wooden ceilings in rooms where long periods of intense heat or cold can occur, it is better to paint the ceiling in order to protect it from imminent damage.

Room temperature is not capable of leading to such cardinal changes in the material, therefore, in an apartment or residential building, wooden ceilings are better used without additional decoration. Only uncoated wood can fill a room with a unique woody aroma, pacifyingly affecting the human nervous system, qualitatively maintain a favorable microclimate of the room, maintaining a constant level of humidity.

Wood and artificial materials

The desire to make a wooden ceiling in the apartment is fraught with several difficulties. One of them is the poor compatibility of the material with wallpaper and PVC panels, which are most often used to decorate the walls, because these materials are outwardly, and indeed, much lighter than wood. Here you need to play on color.

Light natural wood on the ceiling can be an addition to the walls, paneled in the form of dark wood or wallpaper, which are based on the pattern in the form of a brickwork.

In the shops you can find panels made of wooden dies, designed to create a wooden ceiling suspended structure. To use them in combination with light materials for the walls is as inexpedient as the boards. Yellowing from the time they look rather unsightly, and because of this the ceiling seems even lower.

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