How to clean a carpet from stains, gum, mercury or hair (effective methods)

On the carpet often accumulates dust and various types of dirt. This is especially true for families with young children, they certainly don’t get used to removing food stains, chewing gum, cleaning hair all over the house or paint marks.

In life, anything can happen: blood from the nose, an unexpected cut, an abrasion. That is why it is necessary to know how to properly clean the blood stains on the carpet. If you address this problem in a timely manner, you will save a lot of time and effort on further cleaning. In this article we will look at the main ways by which you can remove even the most stubborn stains.

How to collect mercury

Even the most common things in household use can be a source of danger. If a thermometer crashed in the house, and you did not have time to remove mercury from the flooring in time, then the carpet and the room itself from that moment are unsafe for people and pets. Clearing the floor of mercury is not as easy as it may seem. Spilled liquid instantly spreads throughout the room, which is especially dangerous for children and pets.

As practice shows, it is much more difficult to remove mercury from textiles than from the floor, since toxic metal droplets can be lost in the pile.

It is strictly forbidden to remove mercury with a vacuum cleaner. If such an unpleasant situation has happened to you, then use scotch tape or duct tape (after which send the scotch tape to a jar of water). You can do this procedure using a magnet. And remember that when working with toxic substances should be extremely careful.

Removal and disposal of mercury in residential and public buildings is called demercurization. This is the service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which must be called immediately by telephone 101, if a leak occurs in the house. Until the specialists arrive at your address, try to remove the remnants yourself.

If a thermometer crashed in the room, the first thing to do is vacate the room. First bring out the children, let only one person remain in the living room or bedroom. He will help specialists remove mercury and ensure that no one blows it on the sole. Be sure to lock the door to the contaminated room and open all the windows for airing.

Please note that there should be no drafts, otherwise toxic metal drops will spread throughout the apartment.

How to bring chewing gum

To remove the gum adhering to the surface of the carpet, it must be frozen. This method is the most effective of all. Freezing does not allow chewing gum to penetrate deep into the coating and allows you to mechanically remove it in a short time.

So, what to do:

  1. Put a bag of ice cubes on the gum stick and leave for a few hours.
  2. After chewing gum completely freeze, take a knife or a metal shovel. Lift the gum from the carpet and, if possible, collect all the pieces.
  3. If there are traces on the carpet, repeat the procedure with ice cubes.
  4. At the final stage, clean the contaminated area with a soap solution with a low content of vinegar.
  5. Allow the surface to dry and wet the room.

You can also spray gum with compressed air from a can (it is also used to clean computers).

How to remove lizuna

A popular children's toy is the so-called lizun. Due to its unique composition, the stick sticks to everything in a row. Specialists consider mechanical cleaning the most common method of removing this substance. It is best to use it before the lizun dries on the surface of the carpet. Try to collect particles from the carpet with the toy itself, and gently scrape the dry pieces with a knife or a special spatula.

There are both folk and specialized carpet cleaning agents for this kind of pollution, which can boast high efficiency:

  • You can clean textiles with soap or hydrogen peroxide. This will remove the top layer of Lizun and make the trace less noticeable.

  • Excellent helps a mixture of lemon juice, sea salt and one tablespoon of ammonia.

  • Various stain removers from Faberlic or Amway, as well as dishwashing detergents can easily cope with such contaminations. They break down grease stains from lizun and prepare the surface for subsequent cleaning.

The best option to remove traces from the slime is professional dry cleaning. Now the service "dry cleaning at home" is very popular. In this case, you do not have to drag the carpet to the other end of the city and wait until it is brought to a decent look.

How to wash gouache

Removing paint from the carpet is not as easy as it may seem: for this purpose you can use a variety of detergents, but they are more designed for watercolor. If the "surplus" gouache remained on the carpet, then do not be discouraged or call the dry cleaner. All that is required of you is to buy a suitable cleaning solution and carry out a general cleaning.

To effectively remove the gouache from the carpet, you must carefully dilute the purchased powder in water until a dense foam is formed, then apply the foam on the stain and walk a few times with a soft brush. Be sure to allow the substance to dry and only then clean the carpet of residues with a vacuum cleaner in another way.

Carpet can be a source of unpleasant odor due to mold. To avoid this, thoroughly dry the carpet or use the Universal Antipyatin soap.

How to wash the blood

Even stubborn blood can be removed from the carpet in minutes, the main thing is to know which means to use. However, it is best to deal with such stains as quickly as possible. This problem is so common that carpet cleaning methods are unprecedented. Next, we will talk about several common methods, but still we recommend that you first try the most gentle - with the help of water.

Method 1 - using water

Many housewives are wondering how you can remove blood from the carpet or the surface of the sofa, and without thinking, they begin to rub the stain with a rag soaked in water. This method is suitable if the bleeding has happened recently. Fill the spray bottle with cold water and apply it to the contaminated area, wipe gently with a dry sponge or cloth and let it dry.

It is important that the water is cold, because hot water can make the stain difficult and more noticeable.

Method 2 - using detergent and water

On the white carpet, old blood stains look terribly unattractive. Many people are trying to get rid of them with purchased stain removers, but they forget about budget methods. So, dishwashing liquid is just as effective as advertised household cleaners. To prepare the composition you need one tablespoon of detergent and two glasses of cold water.

Next, you need to moisten a piece of white tissue in the solution and apply to the blood marks. Small areas are most convenient to work with a toothbrush. Rinse the solution with a clean, damp cloth and re-wipe the area with a cleaning agent. Dry the surface with a towel and let it sit for a few minutes to soak up the water.

Please note that rubbing the stain is strongly discouraged, as this may cause it to "spread".

Method 3 - using hydrogen peroxide

If you are still thinking about how you can wash the blood off the carpet, then you have never heard of the miraculous properties of hydrogen peroxide. This substance perfectly copes with old stains from paint, wine, food and even blood. However, this method should be used only as a last resort, since hydrogen peroxide discolors carpet.

To clean the carpet, apply a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide to the contaminated area, then leave for an hour. Blot off the mark and, if the stain persists, repeat the process again.

Method 4 - using ammonia and water

When using this method, you need to be extremely careful and observe the following recommendations for the removal of stubborn stains from the surface of the carpet:

  • Warm water will not be suitable for cleaning the coating, it will only further aggravate the situation.
  • You can clean the carpet with a regular stain remover, the main thing is to make sure that it contains proteins.
  • It is forbidden to mix chlorine bleach and ammonia, as this can lead to the formation of toxic fumes.
  • Clean up someone else's blood only in protective gloves to protect themselves from possible diseases.

How to remove mold

The main cause of mold in the house is excessive moisture. Attempting to clean the carpet in a standard way will only spread controversy, which is very dangerous for the health of residents.

If you plan to get rid of this problem once and for all, then first of all take care of protective equipment (goggles, mask, gloves).

Removing mold from the carpet is in the following steps:

1. Drying the carpet. Take the product outside, hang it on a horizontal bar and leave to dry for forty-four hours. You can dry the carpet and a fan, or you can vacuum it in a special mode.

2. Deep cleaning. To do this, use a stiff brush and strong detergents. Rub the patches on the top and back of the carpet, and then walk the broom on the floor. Vacuum the room or use a steam cleaner.

3. Application of anti-mold spray. Work with this tool should be strictly according to the instructions. It’s very easy to clean the carpet: apply the composition with a spray bottle and wait until it is absorbed into the fibers. Rinse off residues is not necessary - clean the carpet and leave to dry.

How to remove coffee stains from the carpet

To remove the old stains from coffee from the carpet is very problematic, as they tend to blur. That is why, my polluted area, you need to move from the edges to the center of the product. It is also important not to rub the carpet too hard - it may damage the fiber.

You are required to blot the stain with a soft sponge (it is better to use a white cloth so that it absorbs a maximum of liquid) and treat the area with soapy water. This should be done until the coating is clean again. At the final stage, apply carpet cleaner to the treated area. In most cases, this is enough to remove traces of coffee.

The process of removing stubborn coffee stains is not much different from getting rid of fresh traces. The only difference is the need to repeat the procedure.

How to collect hair and wool

You can remove long hair from the carpet with a regular vacuum cleaner, another thing is to get rid of short and thin hairs. They are heavily woven into the pile, and in order to get them, you need to do a high-quality cleaning of residential premises.

If your financial capabilities do not allow you to contact a cleaning company, you should use the following methods:

  • To collect part of the hair and hair of pets, sweep the carpet with a broom soaked in water. The remaining hairs will rise to the surface of the carpet and they can be easily removed with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

  • You can replace the broom with a wet brush - in this case, it is recommended to move from one edge to the other and rinse the bristles in clean water as it gets dirty.

  • Another effective method of removing hair from a carpet is to use a fabric softener. Using a spray bottle, spray the solution over the carpet, then vacuum the room.

  • It copes well with pet hair rubberized scraper, which is designed for windows. To clean the carpet, just scrub the surface in one direction. Gradually, hair and hair will roll into clumps and move from one edge to another.

  • An unusual way to deal with wool is the use of large leaf tea brewing - spread it around the perimeter of the carpet and sweep it along with the hairs.

We clean the carpet from nail polish stains

The easiest way to remove traces of nail polish from the carpet immediately after they appear. On wet textile fibers stains dry longer, which makes the process faster and more efficient.

To wash the nail polish from the carpet, you can use a variety of substances. High-quality cleaning is possible using:

  • cold water;
  • alcohol;
  • soda;
  • nail polish removers (non-acetone based);
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • special carpet cleaner.

Let us dwell on the method using nail polish remover, as it is the most effective. To get the maximum cleaning effect, you must follow the instructions below exactly and change the fabric (which you apply to the surface) as often as possible - in order to avoid the "spreading" of marks.

Carpet cleaning process:

  1. It is necessary to begin cleaning with promakivaniye of the polluted site with the wetted rag.
  2. If the varnish is already dry, scrape it off with a spoon or knife.
  3. The dye, which has already managed to be absorbed into the fabric, begin to treat with nail polish remover.
  4. To prevent the contamination from drying out, periodically wet traces with water.
  5. Continue to work until the surface is completely clean.

There are other ways to remove such stains - alcohol-based detergents are considered the most effective.

Important! Before starting the procedure, be sure to check how the carpet surface reacts to a specific chemical. This can be done on a small area. And remember that the product should not contain acetone.

How to remove the iron mark from the carpet

To get rid of small scorches on the carpet, you can use a special mixture. To do this, mix a few tablespoons of vinegar, fifty grams of talcum powder and two crushed onions. Spread the mash hands and apply on the damaged areas. After the solution dries, clean it with a stiff brush.

Another effective way to deal with traces of iron is the use of coarse sandpaper.

To remove a large number of scorch marks from a carpet, you may need to trim the top of the pile or sew patches. If the burn marks are slightly noticeable on the general background, then simply wipe them with a washcloth (with metal shavings outside) and treat the burned areas with linseed oil.

How to collect needles from the Christmas tree from the carpet

If it is customary in your home to use natural spruce for the New Year, then you know how unpleasant it is to remove needles from the Christmas tree throughout the house. If there is no carpet in the living room, then just sweep the floor. But to clean the carpet need a vacuum cleaner. First you need to collect all the thorns and small needles by hand, and then walk with a vacuum cleaner at the slowest speed.

To remove stubborn garbage (Christmas tree needles), the carpet should be sprinkled with soda and vacuumed several times.

How to disguise a burned spot

First of all, you need to carefully trim the pile, making a smooth transition from the intact area, so that it is not very noticeable. If the pile is burned to the base, then it is necessary to remove the residue and pour a transparent glue on the area. After the glue has grasped the area a little, you can restore it with other fragments of the pile, cut off from inconspicuous places.

If the damaged area is too large, and the carpet is plain and without a pattern (carpet), then the area can be covered with a patch of the same degree of wear.

Modern detergents can get rid of various stains on the carpet, the most important thing is to quickly remove the maximum possible amount of pollution. When cleaning the carpet from viscous mixtures (gum, lizun, clay, varnish) solvent 646 helps well. It easily dissolves most varnishes and paints.

As a counterpart, you can use white spirit or, if you have the opportunity to get it, high-octane kerosene (jet fuel). With their help, it is possible to remove even stains from oil or fuel oil (carpets or car upholstery). However, it should be remembered that solvents can not be applied on a synthetic carpet.

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